Help! want to add a printer to my wireless network

  eutrucker 15:07 14 Aug 2005

Got a main computer with the router and printer connected, and also a wireless laptop, how do i configure the laptop to work wirelessly with the printer. have tried diffrent things as advised but no luck so far.

  LastChip 15:11 14 Aug 2005

Have you used the Printer Wizard to add a NETWORK printer to your laptop?

  eutrucker 18:36 14 Aug 2005

yes done all that , but still no good

  eutrucker 18:43 14 Aug 2005

Wow ! thought this was a network help page, and no-one can tell me how to install a wireless printer correctly, great help!Cheers.

  LastChip 18:48 14 Aug 2005

What exactly does that mean?

Are you getting an error message when you try and print a test page or what?

Have you checked the path to your printer?

It should look something like;

\\[computer name]\[printer name]

so for example, if your computer was called Sunday and your printer was listed as Epson, it would look like this;


Have you got File and Printer sharing enabled and NOT blocked by XP's built in Firewall (or any other).

You say you've tried different things, but have given us no clue as to what.

  retep888 19:25 14 Aug 2005

As Lastchip stated,

What different things have you tried?

Are your PCs actually networked and talking to each other and set the printer to be shared?

If you've followed all the advices on this forum correctly, you shouldn't have any problem at all.

  Taff36 21:26 14 Aug 2005

It would help if you also told us a bit about the operating Systems you have on each computer. Then we could send you specific advice like click here for XP systems. Or click here for Win98 or click here with troubleshooting tips. Post back when you have given us something to work with.

  saundersfootwales 20:05 18 Aug 2005

I use the --
..It works fine..From my laptop to the printer..

click here

  eutrucker 08:59 19 Aug 2005

Have now resorted to bluetooth and and works great, but for the record, the system i have is two pc's + one laptop all linked by a wireless network Netgear. main system and laptop have xp pro, and other system has 2000 pro. the printer is a HP8150, I did follow the help on the microsoft website but was not sure what goes where as to computer/printer names or weather i still had to load printer driver/software on the non main system, or wht system do i use to set up the printer to join the network.

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