Help-Wanadoo Keeps changing to Searchportal

  ulrich 17:25 02 Nov 2004

I am really desperate now, I installed wanadoo from freeserve, as suggested in another post, but the wanadoo screen goes and I get a blank screen, and then onto a searchportal. I spent a lot of time talking to wanadoo last nightm and I've tried everything to get rid of it with no joy. When this happened I got a virus, which NAV picked up. I am really at a loss, as I lost my job today so need pc for job hunting. My sys is Win XP. Any help or ideas what to try I will be very thankful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:02 02 Nov 2004

It is suggested that you clean the following directory contents (but not the directory folder). Please disconnect from the internet (for broadband/cable users, it is recommended that you disconnect the cable connection) and close all open browsers.

1. C:\Windows\Temp2. C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Profile>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\ <=This will delete all your cached internet content including cookies.
3. C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Profile>\Local Settings\Temp4. C:\Documents and Settings\<Any other users Profile>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files5. C:\Documents and Settings\<Any other users Profile>\Local Settings\Temp6. Empty your "Recycle Bin".

B. Please shutdown/restart the computer. Do not launch any programs or connect to the internet at this time.

1. Launch Ad-Aware SE click here and run a Full Scan.
2. When the scan has completed, select Next.
3. In the Scanning Results window, select the "Scan Summary" tab.
4. Check the box next to each "target family" you wish to remove.
5. Click next, Click OK.

C. Shutdown/restart. Do not open any other programs

1. Launch Ad-Aware SE and run another full scan.
2. When the scan has completed, select Next.
3. In the Scanning Results window, select the "Scan Summary" tab.
4. Check all object found in the Critical Objects tab that you wish to remove
5. Click Next, Click OK.
6. Restart the computer and run another full scan. Please post the results as a reply.

Good luck!

  ulrich 19:23 02 Nov 2004

I will give this a go. I do have spybot, and I'm not sure if I can get on adaware, at the moment using sons pc. Another ting on explorer I cannot see the cookies, when I click on settings it goes back to windows.

  ulrich 21:25 02 Nov 2004

I'm afraid having problems understanding all that, I don't understand it all, I can't download adaware due to programme changing so now I want to uninstal everything and start again as it is driving me nuts.

  Nellie2 00:20 03 Nov 2004

ulrich you have ticked your thread.. have you resolved your problem? It doesn't sound like it! :(

  lbroadsword 14:27 03 Nov 2004

When I installed Wanadoo, win 98se it crashed my computer,I started with my rescue floppy and re-loaded Windows 98se, I then re- installed Wannadoo, it crashed me again, I got little or no HELP from there help telephone no, I had to Write to there head office explaining everything, and did receive a reply.

I have been informed by various friends that they think that Wannadoo is incompatable with some win 98se operating systems.

I hope this helps someone.


  ulrich 17:11 03 Nov 2004

When I get onto wanadoo the search portal changes to click here. I've uninstalled just about everything, I'VE restricted the site. I really need my pc now as I have been laid off work, I'm using my sons at the moment. I now have adaware off a disc and I have uninstalled off thatm but not this searchportal.

  Nellie2 08:30 04 Nov 2004

Ulrich, please download hijackthis from click here check out the tutorial on that page and then copy the log that hijackthis makes as a reply to this thread. You may have to do it in two posts as there is an 800 word limit here... double space the log if you can as it makes it easier for me to read.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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