help for vista sidebar...

  basbrin 00:49 10 Dec 2008

hello all ..the sidebar at me has some problems like the radio gadget or TV cant stream and X mark showed up in corner and for awhile i got new problem with other gadgets like the clock ,it appears in black background on the sidebar pls i need ur help.thanx alot.

  rawprawn 14:44 10 Dec 2008

I think you will find the X is there when they are not transmitting.I don't know about the clock.
You could try a system file check. Open the command prompt using Right Click and select "Run as administrator"
Type sfc /scannow at the C: prompt and hit Enter

  basbrin 18:05 11 Dec 2008

thank for ur time Rawprawn ,i tried as u said but it stopped at 60% and said that had found some damaged files that couldnt repair them like cbs.log in windows .. any way thank u again.

  rawprawn 19:46 11 Dec 2008

Try running chkdsk click here

  basbrin 01:54 12 Dec 2008

im on the way to do it and ll tell u the results ;)

  basbrin 23:20 13 Dec 2008

it doesnt help..u know i ve many problem with my vista sp1 ..i dont want to make foramte its better if i wait for sp2 that ll be released in soon..ty for ur help.

  rdave13 23:37 13 Dec 2008

Try exiting it through the notification area (sys. tray). Reboot and if it doesn't relaunch then type sidebar in 'start search' box. Click on the sidebar result to open. See if that makes any difference.

  basbrin 15:50 14 Dec 2008

rdave..i made exit from the tray and reboot but useless..all gadgets have no function ,the calender ,clock ,calculator and all. they dont work.thanx for joining.

  rdave13 15:57 14 Dec 2008

Anything here; click here

  basbrin 19:16 14 Dec 2008

Big thanx rdave13 for help.. it's been solved by ur post.the solution is :.Type in the following commands and hit enter.
regsvr32 scrrun.dll
regsvr32 jscript.dll
regsvr32 msxml3.dll
then reboot.
thanx again to everyone has posted here.

  rawprawn 09:45 15 Dec 2008

Glad that you are sorted, thanks for the feed back

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