jade25 16:12 19 Sep 2010

Have jiust got new laptop wins 7 I use firefox 3.6 and was having problems so went on web,there was a firefox forum for people with windows 7 so went to look.

Had just got in and a full screen came on saying they were giving me 12 viruses,worms,trogans ect, it wantd me to download a file which l didn't. I opened avg 9(wanted commodo as used to it for ages but told there isn't one for windows 7 yet )avg did a full scan and found 5 unknown viruses . The virus had said 12 and remember seeing some were in hard drive.
As this has never happened in 12 yrs of using a computer l don't know what to d now avg healed ect and said it was now ok. It was a short time scanning but haven't got a lot on it yet nnas only got the laptop last wedsday.
This has upset me as it doesn't feel like a new computer now so am a bit shaky.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 19 Sep 2010

1. don't panic Its probable Scamware trying to frighten you into buying a rogue Antivirus program.
You did the right thing by not downloading and scanning with AVG

2. What exactly was telling you you had 12 virus?

3.You can always do an online scan at click here#

  jade25 16:58 19 Sep 2010

It looked like it was scanning on small screens and all the names of viruses were there but you may be right as there was a scrren that came in front and it was telling me to download software but can't remember name. The only thing is avg found 5 of them

Telling me was done by large letters just coming in front of the small screens.
Name of the sotware was something like seven seas and tutorials. Will wanting to get them of l didn't look at the mname but with it being a forum for wind 7 l would know it again.

  orsta 17:05 19 Sep 2010

You can use Comodo on Windows 7.

click here


  jade25 17:13 19 Sep 2010

Do you know of another scan as this doesn't work for firefox. It would if l could download a installer but when they were telling me l could not see it as it was a white font on yellow background
and impossableto see.
Could use ie but havent got it set up yet and problems l have with with windows 7 are worse there.
These probs seem nothing now but they were driving me mad, one was you could not buy anything online as when you highted what you wanted it set everything shaking and you could not say how many, it was like playing golf but the ball went every way but never dropped in. lol

  jade25 17:21 19 Sep 2010

Thank you for the link,l did a search as lost bookmarks changing from pc to laptop (another story) on the commodo, website l went to it said it was going to but couldn't support win 7 now. I didn't look for a date as now l think it must have been an old site.
Thanks again, will be chaging to it later.

  birdface 17:38 19 Sep 2010

Download and use this.

click here

  jade25 17:57 19 Sep 2010

Buteman, it came up with warnings saying not to use it from WOT andthere very good.
Today has been a computer hell day so better not ask for any more.

  jade25 17:58 19 Sep 2010

Doyou know of a good free spyware one

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 19 Sep 2010

click here

Also download and install the free version of malwarebytes click here scan and delete all it finds after that you should be secure.

  birdface 19:25 19 Sep 2010

Funny I use WOT and got no warnings.

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