Help viewing a DVD on PC

  Ann-MarieFisher 00:27 26 Aug 2014

I have a Sony Handycam dcrdvd 101E, which I recorded footage of my children as babies approximately 9-5 years ago. I'd really like to try and get these videos off the dvd mini discs and onto my PC so I can edit them.

This is proving problematic, here's what I've tried so far;

  1. The instructions advised me to insert the Sony 'Image Mixer' cd which came with the camcorder and install the USB driver but an error message popped up saying it wasn't compatible with my version of windows 7.
  2. I then tried to just link the USB cable from the camcorder to the PC tower but when I click on the disc to open it, there are bup and vro and inf files and none of the software I have tried to open it with work (eg, moviemaker, adobe)
    1. I then searched your forum and found a handy tutorial explaining how to download 'freemake' safely, which I did. However when I tried to open the dvd in the freemake video converter it was unable to do so.

I am now completely stuck and don't know what else to try :(

PLEASE can someone help?

Many thanks

  rdave13 00:37 26 Aug 2014

VLC media player boasts it can play most media files. Major Geeks download.

See if it will play the mini discs directly from the DVD player. As for how to 'record' these videos using VLC, then hopefully someone more proficient in the player can advise.

  Ann-MarieFisher 00:42 26 Aug 2014

Thank you, I will give this a try...

  rdave13 00:44 26 Aug 2014

I should have added be very careful of the original media, make a backup of it on the PC first then eject the mini disc. Try VLC from the copy you created to see if it plays.

  [DELETED] 01:20 26 Aug 2014

W7 is not supported for your model. BUT -Have you finalized the disks in the recorder ? The instructions on how to do this are in the manual click here page 65 onwards.According to the manual once the discs are finalized they should play on any DVD player/ PC and you should be able to copy them to a standard DVD disk.

  [DELETED] 01:50 26 Aug 2014

An afterthought. The file you want is the VRO file, that is the one with the video and audio. This software click here may assist in converting it to MPEG format. Nobody said this was going to be easy ! Moviemaker in W7 could be possibly be used as an editor. An alternative is Prism converter from NCH click here , which I have used on the rare times I want to edit a video It is reasonably quick and, most importantly (!), free for personal use. The only thing to watch is that it will ask to install Google Chrome, merely untick that option.

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