Help With VideoCard (SiS661 motherboard + R 9550)

  Dynasty_712 08:40 19 Oct 2006

I have recently installed a new video card Radeon 9550 on my PC to be able to play a game (guildwars) . In the first 2 weeks or so, it worked perfectly, although i felt signs of overheat. After that 2 weeks problems came up. Many times the screen just hanged, other times it just turned off. At first i thought this was just because of overheating, therefore i turned on my air-contioning and attached a fan next to the PC. The heat from the PC went down very quickly, it seem to have worked at the start, but some how it just kept on turning off by itself.

I have checked the mother board of my PC SiS661 which is compatiable with Univerisal 1.5V AGP 3.0 motherboard. The Video card i am using ATI Radeon 9550 is a Univerisal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Card. According to the table found here click here (sorry if im not supposed to post links to other websites)

Thank you for any help/advice you can give me, or post any additional information that you would need to help me solve my problem.

  xania 09:00 19 Oct 2006

It sounds as if the heat is being dissipated from the new Video card into the main box, but not then leaving the box. Make sure that you have no cables blocking the airflow. If you are still using straps to connect Hard Disk and/or DVD/CD player and/or floppy disk to the mobo, consider replacing these with cables. Also consider adding an extra fan.

  Dynasty_712 09:08 19 Oct 2006

thanks for the reply, in addition to my OVERHEAT situation, my windows media player's colors have turned negative/random colors that looks like heat camera. What do you mean by "straps"? i will try to move the cables around, although my PC is placed in a area surrounded by wood, which i think might trap the heat, should i bring my PC out to see if it works?

  vinnyT 13:18 19 Oct 2006

straps = ide ribbon cable as opposed to the better, round ide cables. This doesn't apply if you have sata cables, as at the moment they are only in one shape.

It would be a good idea to try the pc out of the wooden box.

Also, have alook in the pc to see if there is much dust, look around the fans and the psu. If there is, you can buy a can of compressed air from any good pc shop (or online) to blow it away, this can really make a difference because dust is an insulator and can prevent fans from working optimally.

Hope this helps.

  Terry Brown 14:29 19 Oct 2006

Have you checked the heatsink (on top of the processor to see if (1) it is clogged up with dust or (2)it is loose (It may have been jarred in the moving.)
During the recent hot weather I removed the side panels on my box (Not advisable if you have prying fingers), and set up a desktop fan to blow cold air direct into, and arround the system, apart from making a better working area (cooler for me)the system runs better.

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