help using remote assistance

  Bazz2000 11:38 16 Dec 2004

Hi guys, Im trying to help a friend out using remote assistance through msn, but i cant get it to work. Ive shut down all other programs and disabled my firewall but still nothing. He has done the same. I dont uderstand it as we have both used this before (although not with each other). Or failing that is there another way i can connect to his pc to change some settings and have a look?? Both using XP pro with firewall disabled with no other programs running.
Any help be really appreciated. Thanks ppl

  Kegger 16:48 16 Dec 2004

hi Bazz2000

VNC is another remote software package that after it is installed works very well click here to access the site and then download and install software, you will also need to know ip address of computer you wish to remotely take over as well as an agreed password. works for all flavours of OS. post again if you need more help

  User-312386 16:52 16 Dec 2004

ensure that you are both using the same messenger service.

There is MSN messenger and windows messenger, which are 2 different programmes.

If you are both using MSN messenger, ensure that you both have the same click here

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