Help using keyboard instead of mouse.

  golfpro 08:31 14 Apr 2005

A few days ago my mouse went out to lunch and didn’t come back, so I had to revert to using the keyboard to get around. It was like being stranded in the Sahara without a compass. So is there somewhere I can find help on using the keyboard for things besides typing.

  Meshuga 08:50 14 Apr 2005

Golfpro, if you go to contrel panel and click accessibility options and then click on mouse and enable mouse keys you can then control the mouse arrow using the numeric key pad. Use the up-down-left-right buttons. This is of course subject to the arrow being visible on screen.

  golfpro 09:17 14 Apr 2005

Meshuga, thanks for that tip, but I was thinking more of using key stokes as a short cut to access different programs and parts of programs even when my mouse functions, also if my mouse is not working how do I click on anything???

The easiest shortcut keys are the underlined characters in the Menu, to access these use Alt+Character.

To move across the Menu use the left/right arow keys, to move down a popup menu you can use eother the up/down arrows (the selection will continuously cycle) or again the underlined letter in the menu itself.

With any popup menu displayed, there are 3 elements, the first being the text description and the second the icon in the toolbar (not much use without a mouse) and the third the keyboard shortcut.

To get at, and type a more comprehensive list, press F1 and type in 'keyboard shortcuts' and press Enter. Select 'Excel shortcut and function keys' and show all on the subsequent Help page.

Hope that is what you are after

  jbp1982 09:29 14 Apr 2005

space or enter acts like a click.

Also if you hold done "alt" certain letters will be underlined in menus. So hold down "alt" and press the associated letter. It does on XP anyway.


  jbp1982 09:31 14 Apr 2005

sorry, you got to it before me.

I've got to learn to type faster!! lol :)


  golfpro 09:34 14 Apr 2005

OK have found a good site, if anyone is interested, click here

I forgot to add that the most extensive list (frightening amount of information) is available under 'Keyboard Shortcuts' but there is a pointer to this from the original link.

  Stuartli 09:44 14 Apr 2005

Here's a list of keyboard shortcuts:

click here;en-us;q126449


click here;en-us;Q301583

Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts:

click here

  Stuartli 09:48 14 Apr 2005

Microsoft links in TinyURL form:

click here


click here

  recap 09:55 14 Apr 2005

click here a thread bourne from a posting from Sapins

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