Help Using iframes needed

  gplatt2000 15:32 14 Aug 2003

Hi there. I have just managed to start using iframes. I have a .jpeg for my content, which has a black background to match the rest of the site. However, when I put this into the iframe there is a white border right round it - how do I get rid of this?? I have tried using ' frameborder="0" ' but this doesnt work, is this something different? Also, to make life easier I would prefer to use Word (then save as .html) to create the content for the frames, but ,y frame is only 300 px wide, ad when I type the content in Word, it ends up all being stretched across one line so the viewer has to keep scrolling to the right, which obviously looks stupid anhd is annoying. Is there a way of being able to type the content in Word, but have it fit to only 300 px wide? Thanks a lot for any suggestions, Gavin

  TechMad 21:25 14 Aug 2003

Also add 'border="0"' to the iframe tag.

  Keith 21:58 14 Aug 2003

Check the image properties - the border may need switching off on the picture rather than the iframe.

  gplatt2000 23:19 14 Aug 2003

Thanks a lot for your help,Ive tried the 'border="0" ' but no luck, ad Keith - how do I find out if the image has a border? But I am more bothered really about how can I create/update content using Word? Thanks again, Gavin

  TechMad 13:27 15 Aug 2003

If you go to the image tag and add border="0" this will get rid of the border. I have another idea about what you are talking about. How about creating a webpage with the image in. ensure that you include topmargin="0" and leftmargin="0" in the body tag.

  Keith 15:08 15 Aug 2003

TechMad has said it. In, say, FrontPage, you would right-click the image and select Properties to get to the border attributes. But just changing the HTML direct is the same thing - and probably quicker! Keith

  gplatt2000 11:03 16 Aug 2003

OOK, thanks a lot I will try that. Any suggestions for my other question? Thanks once more ,Gavin

  gplatt2000 18:26 17 Aug 2003

Come on, someone must have an idea?? Thanks again, Gavin

  gplatt2000 18:28 17 Aug 2003

OH sorry TechMad, didnt see your reply, I will give the webpage idea a try. Thanks once more, Gavin

  gplatt2000 19:17 17 Aug 2003

Right. I have done as TechMan (sorrybout calling you TechMAD) said, making a new html doc wit the image in that. This has done what I wanted, thanks a lot. BUT, I find it very awkward updating by changin the text in an image in Photoshop, so how can I do it in Word or any other easy ways without needing special programmes please suggest. Thanks a lot

My other thing is that I have been playin with the CSS to change the scrollbars, but with the CSS script in the <head> tag, it only affects the main IE scrollbar, not the one for the iframe. Where should I position the script for it to affect the iframe? Thanks again for your help, sorry to post so little so often its just my strange lil way. Thanks again,

  gplatt2000 17:12 18 Aug 2003

Thanks a lot for your help everyone, to update I now have the text saved in Word, and then copy & paste this into a cell the same width as the iframe (a a seperate html document). And the border has gone, it must have been to do with the image, so all that is fine. HOwever, I still dont know where to put the code for the CSS, but please dont answer here as I have a new thread entitled 'CSS code for iframe scrollbars - where??'. Thanks oce more, Gavin

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