Help upgrading an old Dell Dimensions 4600 computer to a usable state

  Mr Confused 16:45 25 Nov 2013

I have an old Dell Dimension 4600 computer that I want to give to my grandparents that was originally mine. They were told by their “IT guy” that something had blown on their old computer (I think the motherboard) and it was beyond economic repair, hence why I wanted to give them this.

My old Dell computer was purchased around 2003 and is a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz machine, with 512MB of RAM and a 80GB Hard Drive.

I have formatted the hard drive and re-installed Windows XP and updated that to SP3.

However the PC is struggling a bit and running pretty slow and looking at the Windows Task Manager the CPU usage is constantly hitting 100% making even the most basic of tasks painful. I guess all the latest versions of software (IE, Chrome, Avast, Windows XP SP3) are all dragging it down.

I appreciate that this is very old by today’s standards but as they will have limited use from it and it will be used for a bit of Internet browsing, emails and word processing I had hoped that this would be suitable.

Can anyone suggest any upgrades to make this perform better or is it just going to cost too much to make it worthwhile?

  bumpkin 17:03 25 Nov 2013

Have a look on Ebay for some cheap used memory for starters.

  bumpkin 17:13 25 Nov 2013

What type of memory is it and how many slots do you have.

  Mr Confused 17:23 25 Nov 2013

What's your thoughts though - is extra memory going to make any real difference or is it still going to struggle in everyday tasks?

  Border View 17:24 25 Nov 2013

Switch off automatic updates. This will probably free up your CPU usage.

  Mr Confused 17:25 25 Nov 2013

I would have thought it is DDR memory and there should be 2 slots spare.

I think it currently has 512MB of RAM made up of 2 x 256MB.

  finerty 17:33 25 Nov 2013

try downloading ccleaner and run that

  finerty 17:35 25 Nov 2013

[ccleaner ]1

download onto a pen drive the try to install onrto the compute and run it

  lotvic 17:37 25 Nov 2013

Dell pcs don't seem to 'like' cheapie ram sticks.

IMHO better and cheaper in long run to get a new W7 pc.

Have a look at these Towers on novatech click here,1,2,5&f=56 (Op Sys is extra - choose from list)

  lotvic 17:41 25 Nov 2013

that link didn't quite go to the page it was meant to, Try this one ClickHere

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 25 Nov 2013

Pentium 4 2.8 GHz machine, with 512MB of RAM and a 80GB Hard Drive.

Never going to be fast without more memory and that will now be expensive for an old machine, so unless you can find some cheap memory on ebay or similar you will be struggling.

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