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  capnspazfoot 01:19 23 Nov 2008

Hi folks need help here, im about to get a DELL DIMENSION 5100 from my sis with the following specs:
CPU: Intel P4 3.4Ghz
OS: XP Home
Mem: 1024MB DDR2 RAM
HD: 200Gb
Graphics: ATI Radeon X600 256Mb Hypermemory

Basicly my laptops about done in after 8yrs of use & im getting this to play online games like the new starwars online game & COD 5, im a bit THICK when it comes to upgrading and computing terminoligy & would like help to know if this would play the latest games or whether an upgrade would be needed? (preferably a cheap way)

i would like either a core duo or an AMD x2 and a better graphics card but dont know if the 5100 would support either of these or whether i would have to get a another mother board etc?

it doesnt have to be a beast of an upgrade just one that would allow things to run faster & display games without it being jumpy as SW Galaxies was a nightmare on my laptop!


  capnspazfoot 23:58 23 Nov 2008

help help help

  rustyboy 08:06 24 Nov 2008

we will need some more info im afraid before we can advise you.
It all depends on what motherboard you have. It may be that your motherboard cannot take any of the newer cpu's or gpu's in which case it will be a little more expensive to upgrade.
If you have access to the pc in the search field type dxdiag and it should bring up the full details of what your machine has.
I believe that the 5100 first came out in 2005 so you may find that its not viable to upgrade it without replacing the MB as well.
From what i can find the 5100 should have the
Intel 945G Express 800 mhz chipset on its motherboard. This MB only supports 667mhz ddr2 ram and Pentium 4 , Celeron® D processors . This may be wrong but from the info you've given its the best i can do.
If you can give us the following info then we can give you better advise.
1. motherboard details.
2. type and wattage of your PSU (power supply)
3. graphics card adapter type. i.e. APG, PCIE etc etc.

  rustyboy 08:07 24 Nov 2008

typo. it should have said AGP not APG.

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