Help with updating BIOS!!

  Dave78 11:20 09 Feb 2008

I'm new to computers and I resently discovered that updateing old drivers fixes alot of problems. So I went to the Packard Bell site for my drivers and I see a newer BIOS update called "Sunshine". It's for my Gigabyte GA-8I915PM. Funny thing is, is that when I start my computer it says it's using the Intel 915P BIOS for my board. Will updating to this "sunshine" BIOS help any? One other thing is I double checked the Gigabyte website for my board and they don't even have it on their list! That didn't comfort me any. But if updating my BIOS will increase my performance, I'll do it. Hope someone can help! Thanks!

  iscanut 11:25 09 Feb 2008

Flashing one's BIOS can be fraught. I would suggest that you only do it if you really have to and are comfortable with doing it. Get it wrong and you could have a pc that will not work at all. Sorry to appear to be negative. but i would leave it alone and just be content with updating drivers as necessary.

  brundle 11:27 09 Feb 2008

Agree with the above, you should only flash the BIOS if it will solve a specific problem or incompatibility.

  lisa02 11:27 09 Feb 2008

Leave it alone. You may end up breaking your motherboard.

Not broke don't fix it.

  [email protected] 11:37 09 Feb 2008

Having the current BIOS for your mobo is just as important as having current drivers.
It is straightforward and easy to do if it is done carefully but as you confess to being new to computers I also suggest to leave it as it is.
Never consider flashing the BIOS unless you have BIOS related problems and you are certain it is the only remedy.
Updating the BIOS will not increase performance in the way you expect ;-)

  [email protected] 11:44 09 Feb 2008

PS: Good scenario - you buy a new mobo as part of your build. You assemble all the latest drivers and BIOS in preparation for the build/installation and the BIOS is flashed before anything else. :-)
Bad scenario - you think something is wrong with your rig so you consider flashing the BIOS. :-(

  Dave78 12:00 09 Feb 2008

Thanks everyone for the quick respnonces! I guess I'm better off leaving it alone. I guess I'll wait till I get more proficient with all this computer tweaking before tackling such dangerous territory:-P But I think that I've found a new hobby, thanks again everyone!

  lisa02 12:03 09 Feb 2008

"But I think that I've found a new hobby"

You're welcome to join our support group...?

PCAA = PC Addicts Anonymous.

  Dave78 18:45 09 Feb 2008

I tend to take things I like seriously so I might have to join later on down the road:-p Thanks again for the help.

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