Help unsubscribing from "the daily drivel"

  sydsnott 23:11 13 Jul 2013

Can someone tell Matt Egan that I would like to be unsubscribed from the incessant emails that arrive in my inbox. 58 messages in the 56 days since I signed up.

I have tried several times to unsubscribe in the manner provided to no avail. I have tried nice emails to "webmaster at" I have tried pointedly annoyed messages too, all of which have been totally ignored.

Sorry if this is an embarrassment but I've run out of ideas on how to stop the never ending stream.

  lotvic 23:18 13 Jul 2013

You might have to wait, They're in the middle of moving offices...

See simonjary's post Today at 9:20AM click here

  Woolwell 14:45 14 Jul 2013

Not sure what you mean by the manner provided. Go to "My Preferences" top right of this site and uncheck all of the relevant boxes and click on update.

  rdave13 16:36 14 Jul 2013

Woolwell , I can't change anything there in IE as my email address doesn't show up in the box and I can't type it in even though the cursor flashes there. It does in Firefox but selecting to have the newsletter twice a week still doesn't work.

  Woolwell 17:19 14 Jul 2013

rdave13 - It works OK for me using IE10. Assume that you are logged in. Wonder if your problem could be linked to the site's current snag?

  Woolwell 17:22 14 Jul 2013

I'll just take back my last post. If using IE10 I tick the box for the twice-weekly newsletter and click on update then I get a tick in the daily one instead. There is a bug there somewhere.

  Woolwell 17:25 14 Jul 2013

Same thing happens in Chrome too.

  rdave13 17:41 14 Jul 2013

At least you have your email addy showing.

  rdave13 18:15 14 Jul 2013

My profile shows OK in Firefox after refreshing. Clicking on newsletter twice weekly (in Firefox) under My Preference does the same as for Woolwell, refreshes to daily news letter which I don't get. Nothing in IE10 for 'my profile', the form is blank.

  sydsnott 23:45 14 Jul 2013

Sorry I've not been following this, have to make hay whilst the sun shines...almost literally! Lotvic, your post explains the current disarray but I have made every effort to stop this flow of daily messages, when I click the link in the emails to unsubscribe, it takes me to my preferences....which has no ticks in any of the boxes! Signing in to the site and navigating to preferences shows the same. Emails to the webmaster address are just ignored and this has been the situation since early June so that can't be blamed on the office move.

Lazarus! what do you mean "Spam by bnbjnhnbv, FE Informed..". I might be known to you under your earlier alias... MCE etc. Spam indeed! lol

Seems from the other respondents that there are many facets to this problem! I'm going to leave it and see if Simon manages to get his ducks in a row soon.

  lotvic 00:29 15 Jul 2013

I sympathise with that. I also do not have any ticks in any of the boxes but receive the twice weekly newletter :-s

Re: "Spam by bnbjnhnbv, FE Informed.." means that someone called 'bnbjnhnbv' posted a spam advert and Lazarus emailed Forum Editor to tell him. FE then deleted the spam advert post.

It's prob best to not let the quirks of this forum 'get to you' there are a few probs with things not working quite right. Intermittent faults and they are the worst type to track down and put right. The development team are working flat out and minor forum oddities are not top of the list :) The forum is only a small part of the whole pca website.

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