Help - unexplained graphics jerking on games.

  fourjays 18:52 09 Apr 2005

On my sisters PC (P4 2.8Ghz, 512Mb DDR RAM, FX5200 128Mb), games that run in 3D are jerking alot. I initially thought that the game required more than what the system had got, but upon checking, all sys requirements are met. It even jerks with all graphic settings for the game turned down.

A game that has run fine on a system that has a GeForce4 64Mb, jerks like blue murder on my sisters PC, which it shouldn't - it should run fine on an FX5200. A very old game, which doesn't require a modern 3D card as such (runs on standard video display - no AGP required), is doing the same too - althought not as bad.

I have checked all plugs/connections inside and out. I have tried Nvidias forceware drivers. DXDIAG tests come back fine. CPU is not overheating, GPU has no software heat indicator, but upon feeling both GPU and CPU heatsinks, they feel fairly cool.

I have even checked AGP Aperture sizes in the BIOS. BIOS and all drivers are up-to-date.

I can't think of anything I haven't tried and tested for. It runs fine in general windows stuff - starts jerking when its in 3D apps.

Any ideas?

  smokingbeagle 19:01 09 Apr 2005

Click Start / Run /Type in dxdiag / Open.
Check the report for any problems

  fourjays 19:14 09 Apr 2005

As I said - All DXDIAGs are perfectly fine. DX 3D and 2D tests ran fine. No problems there. Didn't even notice the jerking on them.

What I have noticed, is a load of weird programs in the startup part of msconfig, that I recognise as spyware, but neither spybot, nor Ad-Aware SE find anything. Im about to try MS Anti-spyware beta when it eventually downloads (7kb/s - yawn)

  citadel 19:29 09 Apr 2005

it could be the game to blame, there may be patches available for it.

  fourjays 19:41 09 Apr 2005

I don't think so.

It does the same on 4 games. (Race Driver 1 & 2, Colin McRae Rally 04, Rogue Spear).

Although, Im not sure if it is still doing it now. I run Trainz (in opengl first), and everything was dandy. I then ran it in DX, and it was fine. I then ran Rogue Spear again, and that seemed fine. Im tidying everything up, before trying out one of the more graphical games again.

  fourjays 19:45 09 Apr 2005

MS Spyware sorted those few progs, btw.

  smokingbeagle 19:58 09 Apr 2005

Did'nt read your post carefully enough.

  fourjays 20:50 09 Apr 2005

Whatever it was, it has stopped now. It is rather strange, but after running Trainz simulator, I have had no further problems. :s

Thanks for your help anyway.

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