Help! Two burning questions for new pc user

  aly-lfc 15:07 09 Jun 2003

FIRST: When I click on a website ending in .pdf why do I have a blank screen with an icon? (and nothing else happens)

SECOND: I am Currently on Aol, but having inherited this computer off someone else I have Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by pipex (although I haver deleted pipex) Can I set Explorer to use Aol?

Thanks to anyone who can help me, Aly.

  vinnyT 15:13 09 Jun 2003

1st; .pdf = adobe portable(?) document file, you must have a version of adobes acrobat reader on your comp. to read this sort of file. normally you would download the file and read later, but you can open within ie (or other browser) to read immediately. Acrobat reader is available free at click here

2nd; Aol uses (as far as I know) a proprietry browser and email client, and you must use these to use the isp. Hope this helps.

  musicmike 15:29 09 Jun 2003

I used AOL for a few years and very rarely used there browser but used IE. As far as it saying supplied by Pipex, this can be removed by doing the following
1. Close all browser windows
2. Click [Start]
3. Click [Run]
4. Type "rundll32 iedkcs32.dll,Clear" without the quotes
5. Click [OK]

Hope this helps


  vinnyT 15:31 09 Jun 2003

I just knew someone would prove me wrong:-)

  musicmike 15:31 09 Jun 2003

Just read my reply and it isnt obvious that there is a space between the first 32 and ied.......


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