Help with Trojandownloader32 virus

  BurghBhoy 13:17 11 Nov 2004

My anti-virus software flagged up a virus called Trojandownloader32 I ran an anti-virus check & it picked it up & deleted it, but everytime I connect to the internet it keeps returning & even with my pop up blocker on I am getting lots of pop ups on screen I did'nt get before, presumably caused by the virus? This is becomng very frustrating! if any one can help me on this I'd be really grateful. I want rid of it for good!

  Jackcoms 13:21 11 Nov 2004

Download, install, update and run click here click here
click here
click here
It may be malware/spyware rather than a virus.

  BurghBhoy 09:27 12 Nov 2004

I already use SpyBot search & destroy, it regularly picks things up but does'nt seem to be able to clear this problem, still getting the pop-ups,although I cant see them when I am on the internet, they actually build up behind the web pages Im on. Still not sure what to do? any other ideas I'd be grateful

  hillybilly 10:04 12 Nov 2004

From your last post, I take you have only run Spybot. What Jackcoms is telling you is to download and run all four programs, very often one prog will find and remove something that the others do not reconize.

  BurghBhoy 10:08 12 Nov 2004

I take it it is ok to run all these programs at once then?

Thanks HB

  rawprawn 10:15 12 Nov 2004

You can run all these scanners, one at a time one may find what the others do not. I have been looking at this trojan, and found someone with the same problem. They got rid of it running this click here I have no experience of this program but it worked for someone using Windows ME and was stuck.

  curlylad 10:16 12 Nov 2004

What operating system are you using ? If it is WinXP , first turn off your system restore ,to do this click start , control panel , performance and maintenance , system , system restore tab , then tick the box 'Turn off System Restore', run your anti virus , turn system restore back on. If you don't turn system restore off the virus can 'hide' in a restore point.

  hillybilly 10:20 12 Nov 2004


I've got rid of it once, but I used HiJack This, it wasn't easy and I'm still not sure how I did it! So thanks for this link, but what do I click on please 'cause I can't speak frog!

  BurghBhoy 10:25 12 Nov 2004

Yes WinXP, Curly. I'll give it a try and see how I get on.

  hillybilly 10:27 12 Nov 2004

Another thing, also run them all in "Safe Mode"

  rawprawn 10:45 12 Nov 2004

Click on the little Blue Strip wirth a red tick called Telecharger. I have just downloaded and run this program myself and I am quite impressed. it seems very thorough, it is a free 30 day trial, and don't worry the program itself is in English.

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