Help to transfer files and settings to new pc

  rubyred1 11:04 08 Jan 2005

Can anyone help? I have a new PC and want to transfer my files and setting from old PC (win98). I've been using transfer wizard with a serial cable which works fine until I get to the bit where it says connection established transferring files and settings. Then I sit there for ages and nothing seems to be transferring. The windows on both computers show the two folders with flying papers going from one to the other but it doesn't get anywhere. I've left it for almost an hour at the longest but it doesn't move. I've tried sending small amounts at a time and still no good. Am I doing something wrong?

  Forum Editor 11:12 08 Jan 2005

is that transfer via a serial cable will be very slow, so large numbers of files will take a long time. Try sending a single Notepad text file and see what happens. That should send rapidly, and if it doesn't we'll need to investigate further.

  The BB 11:43 08 Jan 2005

First consider if 98 is still for you. With a new PC there will be bigger disks, and USB etc. etc. If you want to transfer just the data, look at using a LAN cross over cable, or, taking out the hard disk from your old machine, putting it in your new machine (with the jumper set to slave) and either copying the data over, or, if you want the operating system too look at the disk manufacturer and treat it as many have the option to 'clone' onto a new disk

  rubyred1 11:58 08 Jan 2005

Thanks for your prompt replies. I have tried to send a small notepad document (just 'test' written half a dozen times) and the same thing has happened. The status bar is still stuck in the same place. The main things I want to transfer are my e-mail stuff and a few other things. I don't want win98. I only have a LAN connection on my new compueter and not on the old, that's why I'm using a serial cable. Is there any way I can transfer Microsoft office 97 over as I cannot find my orig disk.

  Diemmess 12:18 08 Jan 2005

It's a long way round, but how about burning a CD containing only the data (internet and all else) which you want to preserve?

I assume you don't have viable USB ports on the old computer. If you did, then a pen drive would do this easily.

Sadly, Office97 and most applications will have to be installed as new.

  rubyred1 15:36 11 Jan 2005

thanks for your help. I've managed to get most of what I wanted by burning a CD. The only prob I have now is how to open my emails which were sent into my documents from outlook express. When I try to open them on my new PC it doesn't recognise the files some of which are .dbx like my inbox. I have the same version of outlook express on the new pc.

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