help with temp files

  redsusan 06:32 20 Jan 2006

I would like to put a temp files folder on my desk top, my PC man put it on my old PC and i found it useful for deleting unwanted files, but i don't know where it is or how to do it.
Thank you.

  Forum Editor 08:23 20 Jan 2006

on your desktop just right-click anywhere in the open space and select 'New' and then 'folder'. You can rename the folder at any time by right-clicking on it.

Deleting unwanted files is easier than that, though. Just right-click on the file itself and select 'Delete'. That will send the file to your recycle bin, where it will stay until you either delete it permanently by emptying the bin, or restore it to its original location.

  redsusan 08:43 20 Jan 2006

Thanks , but I've got so used to doing it the way i was, I'm happy to stay with it,but where do i find temp files and how do i put them in folder?

  Forum Editor 11:12 20 Jan 2006

in a folder called 'Temp' in the Windows folder on your hard drive. You can safely delete them from there, you don't need to create a separate folder for them. You may safely delete anything you find in the Temp folder - if one of the files is in use Windows will refuse to delete it anyway.

Temp files are not something you should worry too much about. They can safely be left to accumulate in the temp folder for a while, and you could empty the folder every few weeks or so. Good software will automatically delete its own temp files by the way.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:18 20 Jan 2006

click here for an excellent little cleaner of temp files - mmaybe not for you, but others might find it useful.

  redsusan 13:13 20 Jan 2006

Thank you. sorted

  redsusan 23:04 21 Jan 2006

Just remembered to tick the ebox.

  Pine Man 15:42 28 Jan 2006

If you are running XP very few temp files will be sent to the windows folder. The majority will be sent to "C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Temp"

  lotvic 22:10 31 Jan 2006

Start > run >
type %temp% in the box
click on OK
your Windows Temp files are displayed

  redsusan 18:13 04 Feb 2006

just remembered to tick the box, thank you all for your help,problem once again solved

  Pine Man 15:58 05 Feb 2006

Good that you have solved your problem but you appear to be having a bit of trouble ticking the box!

After you have ticked the box you MUST click on 'resolved' for the tick to take effect.


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