sillysoo 10:28 12 Nov 2004

Hi, I want to go back to when I first bought my computer (18 months ago) and do a system restore, but it will only let me go back 3 months. Is this normal, if so then I will format the disk C. except that xp home doesn't let you do this?.....I want to format the disk because my machine is running slower than it should, I have run my virus programme and there isn't a virus so I would like to start from scratch again, I have backed up everything and am ready to go, except I don't know how....Can anyone help?....My comp. is a Microstar running windows xp home........Thanks

  ventanas 10:32 12 Nov 2004

Ninety days is normal for System Restore. How you format and recover your system depends on what sort of disc was supplied with it, either a full XP cd or a "recovery disc" which is simply an image of your original installation. Let us know what you have and we can guide you through it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:35 12 Nov 2004

Have you got a disk that restores the factory settings?

Try Ccleaner click here and then regseeker click here. Go to start-run and type msconfig-start up and untick anything that you do not need at start (real player, office etc.) I usually find that the previous sorts out 99% of all slow running computers.


  rawprawn 10:55 12 Nov 2004

click here This is a good site for sillysoo to look at and print out all instructions before starting if she has an XP disc.

  Danoh 11:03 12 Nov 2004

If you envisage that you want to be able to go back to a fresh installation more than a couple of times, it is worthwhile considering some software to save an "Image" or complete snap shot copy of everything on your operational partition after your nice, new clean installation.

For XP, 9 Gb of space should be sufficient for your backup Image copy. Some imaging or backup software will enable you to split this up into CD sized chunks of c. 650 Mb. Then you can copy these chunks off to CD and free up your HDD space, if you are tight for space.

  sillysoo 11:10 12 Nov 2004

Hi, Thank you for all your responses. I am now going through my discs to see what exactly came with the computer, I will get back to you.....Thanks

  ventanas 11:58 12 Nov 2004

Good idea, plenty of help there. I just hope I never need it.:-))

  rawprawn 12:08 12 Nov 2004

Buenas diaz? I used it last time I had to format (Blush Blush)

  sillysoo 08:50 14 Nov 2004

Hi again, I have two cds that came with the comp. One says "recovery cd-rom" and the other says xp home....Thanks

  rawprawn 09:27 14 Nov 2004

Hi again,It's abit strange having both recovery and original XP CD's, but what I suggest is to follow the link I gave to ventanas scroll down to How to Format, click on that then print out the instructions so that they are easy to follow and make sure you use the full XL Disc.When you have printed out the instructions if there is any thing you don't understand post back before you start.

  Danoh 10:32 14 Nov 2004

A lot of options to wade through on that site.

If you just want to reformat, install XP and start again, click here for step-by-step options with accompanying screens.

You can also save and transfer your existing configurations over if you wish click here

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