Help Sunnystaines

  Muergo 19:48 18 Sep 2010

I regret I only just got around to putting in the graphics card you so kindly gave me a while ago.
Having fitted it I found the monitor wasn't working, so I now think I need a driver for it, do you have the CD or can I download it from Drivermax or similar.

It has a lot of numbers on it and I am not sure which one is the model type.

I have forgotten your phone number but I remember where you live if I need to visit you.

Thanks a lot .

  sunnystaines 20:43 18 Sep 2010

it was one of the nvidia series 7600gs

download from here
click here

just enter


7 series


[you operating system]

english uk

then hit the search button.

if your unable to access a pc to download let me know i will download and put on a cd for you ...david

  sunnystaines 20:45 18 Sep 2010

delete prev graphics driver, then fit card and install new driver

  Terry Brown 21:52 18 Sep 2010

To get a clean graphics driver install, try the following:

Start up in Safe mode, select VGA (if you have it).

This starts the computer with NO Graphic drivers at all- Very low resolution screen

load your drivers and restart.

  Muergo 00:27 19 Sep 2010

I forgot to say it is marked GIGABYTE CorGV-N76G25GD-RH and 7G3735. Is that N-Vidia?

I am currently still operating XP but have bought W7 but not loaded it yet, need some time to devote to that.

I have also put in physically a new sound card but not installed it yet.
My existing setup is an integrated sound within the motherboard.
When I run the CD will it override the old or do I have to disable it somehow.

  sunnystaines 08:13 19 Sep 2010

it is a gigabyte card which uses nvidia hardware, use the link i gave you above with the answers i provided.

make sure you goto
control panel - system - hardware tab - device manager - click the plus sign by display adapters and highlight and delete the entry.

that will clear your old driver

  Muergo 11:17 19 Sep 2010

Thank you for the comprehensive instructions, well off I go open it up again and crossed fingers.

  sunnystaines 11:48 19 Sep 2010

if you get stuck and no one replies i have emailed you my tel.

  Muergo 16:52 19 Sep 2010

I am not sure about this, if I delete the old driver how can I see screen to put the new one in, when I changed the cards without putting on the driver all I had was a blank black screen monitor, no prompt no nothing.

Can't I put the new driver in, swap the cards and then delete the old driver?

  sunnystaines 19:15 19 Sep 2010

what graphics is the pc using prior to this card?

windows default basic vga driver should kick in to enable you to see the screen.

i have always deleted the driver, turned off pc swapped over cards, started pc windows basic vga driver comes in while i install the new driver.

not sure why you have a dead screen, are the leads to the monitor fully in the connector to the card and the rear of the monitor and the monitor on.

  Muergo 20:01 19 Sep 2010

The card in now is a 16MB ATI 128 Rage (Display adapter) is what Belarc shows it to be.

There is a similar socket further up on the case which is not used, I did not look at where that was connected, but my monitor is definitely plugged into the ATI card.

I am a bit hamstrung here, when I bought this Dell PC I had a lot of trouble very early on and did not accept a repair but a replacement, the handbook I have is for a Dimension 4500 but they replaced it with a 4550 but didn't give me a different manual.

Most of the diagrams seem the same but it doesn't mention the prescence of this other outlet.

Shall I try to see what happens when I put the monitor on there.?

The plug was definitely fully in and screwed up.and the monitor worked as it showed "NO SIGNAL" on the screen before fading out.

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