Help! - Still can't read Startup (floppy) disk.

  binkitone 12:45 30 Mar 2003

Decided to do a 'Clean Sweep'(weeks of an unresolved Windows98SE problem) by re-formatting my hard disk to re-install windows. Tested my 'Startup disk' as OK, I then from desktop start; 'Restart in MS-DOS mode'; C:\>FORMAT C; /S completed successfully. Restart PC with my 'Startup disk', surprised to noticed the 'Windows' screen momentary flash on, leaving the process hanging at the 'C' prompt and not accessing the 'Startup disk'? Trying to change to the drive A: but only fails; "CURRENT DRIVE IS NO LONGER VALID"? The 'C' drive is all I can read showing 1 file; COMMAND COM. what's has happened? I done this process before directly from the disk, first time I've tried it from the desktop. Now DESPERATE!

  anchor 12:53 30 Mar 2003

I take it that you have a good start up floppy for 98-se, that includes CD rom support. Set your bios to boot from floppy first. Then boot the PC from the floppy, (choosing boot with CD rom support), and you will find that your CD drive will have moved one letter down. If it was D is should now be E.

If you have 2 CD dives, say a burner and a normal reader, then you may find that you will have to discover which of these drives is being read, as both will not be. I assume that you have already formatted your hard drive, if not, do this now. Having done this, insert the Windows CD, and type E:setup (assuming E is the CD drive), if not, try F:setup

This should start the installation procedure. I am assuming that you do not have any partitions on you hard drive and will not need to F-disc.

  Megatyte 12:58 30 Mar 2003

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