HELP start from scratch????

  dumbstruck 12:48 20 Mar 2005

Hi guys
I was going to attempt building new pc, but saw TINY'S tornado and thought it was what I wanted \could afford.
My intention was to wipe the drives and install partitions and xp pro, so I did'nt buy the reinstall disc.They supplied a driver disc.
anyway, I got westerndigital tools for formatting and partitioning and made a 10Gb partition to the 1st disc (of 200Gb) to hold the xp o.s and programs, partition the rest later. any way cut a long story short... the drivers Tiny provided are not easy to find. approx 30 motherboard books/diagrams which does not include mine. and a mix of drivers ,ide sata realteck etc.
not to worry I thought msi (motherboard) has good
auto update (liveupdate)
I went to msi got the app, and auto search for mobo, 2x realteck audio and lan and a pile of utilities.
I detected board number from board MS 7093 AND SEARCHED..NO DRIVERS. go to manufacturers site .HA HA.
The board is MS7093 bios W7093AMS WITH RX480\RS480 chipset the same as retail board.
I downloaded the new bios and drivers from MSI but now I m lost, I want to flash the bios to ensure that all sign of tiny has gone, and load everything fresh.
Also can eide harddrives be SATA drives? westerndigital class them as fast eide drives although Everest system check calls them SATA.
And all the sata connectors are vacant.
What I want to do is flash the bios maybe the cmos install the drivers from msi. at my first and second attempt I have no board resorces no drivers. I am attempting to load drivers from floppy at the xo startup (6 floppies)
thanks in anticipation rick

  bremner 15:26 20 Mar 2005

Firstly there is no reason at all to flash the BIOS - you can only mess the system up totally if you get it wrong.

Put all your drivers onto a CD apart from the SATA driver which you will need onm a floppy.

Put your XP Pro disk in and boot the machine. Choose fresh install and when prompted press F6 to load the SATA driver.

When this is done XP will continue to load.

Once install is complete then go to Device Manager and load any additional drivers from the CD that are required (look for yellow exclamation marks against entries, this indicates no driver loaded).

If your SATA connections are not in use then it seems likely you have an EIDE hard drive and not a SATA.

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