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  [DELETED] 19:26 25 Nov 2004

I have bought some 5.1 speakers but I can't get them to work. I seem to have more leads than I know what to do with. One lead has a green connector which I am sure goes in the computer with a grey and red connector which should go in the back of the sub. I have two other leads one with an orange connector and red and grey the other end and one black with grey and red the other end. What do I do with these!!?? Please help!!

  [DELETED] 20:23 25 Nov 2004

Is there a particular soundcard I need to get that is compatible with my motherboard? Maybe you could recommend some for me. Thanks.

  [DELETED] 20:25 25 Nov 2004

Carpigiani is correct. Just wanted to add that if you do get a 5.1 sound card, it is connections 2 & 5 "NOT" 1 & 5 as in my post above. Connection 1 is for the microphone.

So the green lead will go to the green socket and the other two will go to the blue socket and the black socket, just in case the plugs are not colour coded.

  [DELETED] 20:27 25 Nov 2004

Soudblaster live is an excellent 5.1 card and can be bought for about £20 or slightly less. Don't forget to go into the BIOS and disable your onboard sound before fitting the card though.

  [DELETED] 21:48 25 Nov 2004

Have you altered the way the sound card (on-board) is working with the sound. You need to tell it that you're using 5.1.

This will then turn the connection into subwoofer/centre speaker, then rear speakers and front speakers. Other wise it will assum that you're are using 2 spearker.

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