Help with sound on VCD

  BurghBhoy 20:06 20 Jan 2006

Having made a VCD using my sony picture package software I noticed that everything was fine during playback on my DVD apart from the fact the sound I'd added was jumping & distorted? I transfered the music files from my PC & when played back through my PC all is fine. I think the music files are in Mpeg format if that helps.
Any help much appreciated, before I waste any more discs!

  wobblymike 20:20 20 Jan 2006

I suspect its the video files that are in MPEG form the sound files are likely to be MP3 I guess - anyway that's my set up when I make VCDs.

It's very hard to guess what might be wrong because there are all sorts of potential causes
- are your music files MP3/
- are you using Nero to burn them if so what
- what speed are you burning your disc at
- how confident are you about your video/audio capture programme.

Post back the answers to these for atarters

  BurghBhoy 20:35 20 Jan 2006

My music files are mainly mp3, windows media files or itunes files
I'm not using Nero, using imagemixer on my Sony picture package software.
Speed i'm not sure of exactly sorry, is there a speed you would recommend?
My pictures run perfectly when i play the disc in my DVD player, its only the background sound thats distorted.

  BurghBhoy 20:54 20 Jan 2006

Write speed seems to be x4.0

  BurghBhoy 21:14 24 Jan 2006

Thought I'd bump this up again for another try as I'm still no further forward.
Any help much appreciated

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