help, someone has got my email password

  pollpott 09:19 16 Jul 2008

everyone in my contacts list has been sent an email telling them in very bad english to visit a particular website. this must mean that my password has been used by someone so the question is how did they get it, what should i do about it and will it affect anything else on my computer? i use either of 2 desktops or my laptop to send email all of which have windows defender plus avast or avg and i run spybot quite regularly. email is with hotmail

  day2strike 11:02 16 Jul 2008

Change to a new hotmail account & let all your contacts know.
Also use a good internet security package like Kaspersky.

  pollpott 12:03 16 Jul 2008

is it not enough to change my password?

  ronalddonald 19:55 16 Jul 2008

you can change your paswword then change it, or you could stop the broadband service or internet service and apply for a new supplier to provide services.

From thee you could set new email etc.

  rdave13 20:38 16 Jul 2008

First thing I'd try is to run superantispyware; click here (free version) in safemode on the three machines. Then change the password. If these emails stop then it will have removed some malware on one of the PCs.

  pollpott 22:50 16 Jul 2008

thanks for the advice, could you give me a few pointers on how to run something in safe mode, im using vista.

  Jim_F 23:19 16 Jul 2008

You need to boot into safe mode - just press F8 while the machine is booting and you can select this as an option.

I've seen what you describe and it was caused by a script running from an email received that hijacked the users address book - so make sure that your virus packag is scanning emails and that your email client has the latest available security updates. As per yje previous posts scanning for malware is also a good idea.

  wee eddie 18:16 17 Jul 2008

Do any of your PCs have both installed?

Having more than 1 AV installed can be the equivalent of having none and will likely cause other problems as well.

  pollpott 21:15 17 Jul 2008

lots to think about here guys thanks. i have avast on one computer but my son recons that avg is better, any comments? i only have one AV running on each machine. i have been looking thru the help forums and found some useful guidance as to what constitutes a good set of software to deal with the various hazards out there, posted by Skidzy et al.I am about to connect a new ext. harddrive to one of the machines is the cause of my problem the sort of thing which would be likely to infect that?

  rdave13 04:29 18 Jul 2008

I've been using Avast for years and think it's a good AV.
So long as you've scanned for malware/spyware and your PC is clean then you'll be ok. Your password could have been compromised if you used someone elses PC to check your mail.

  pollpott 17:12 18 Jul 2008

thanks everyone i hope that all these measures will do the trick, so far so good, cheers

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