help with software - please!

  bearpot 12:41 30 Oct 2004

I built my own PC and hardware wise everything is fine. But when it came to loading on Winodws 98 the setup went well but when i restarted to finalize the installation it said "while initialinzing NDIS: Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer" What is this? and how do i repair it. I am at a total loss and because when i restart i can only start up in safe mode. So then i have no cd-rom drivers so i cannot install my drivers. Please help!!!!

  SANTOS7 12:50 30 Oct 2004

Found this it may help..

While reloading Win98 to my computer, a message appears on the screen which I don't understand, nor do I know how to fix the problem whatever it might be.--Here is the message exactly:

"While initializing device NDIS: Windows protection error.-You need to restart your computer."

After numerous times of restarting my computer, the message still appears and prevents me from continueing the installation of Win98.--Any help appreciated, please simplify answers I am 90 years of age. --Thank You


NDIS is associated with networking, if you have a NIC, remove it, if you have any external devices (printers, scanners...) connected, remove. format, re-try.

  bearpot 13:20 30 Oct 2004

SANTOS7 - what is a NIC - sorry, bit of a novice:)

  SANTOS7 13:28 30 Oct 2004

(network interface card)

  bearpot 13:33 30 Oct 2004

my motherboard has a network socket in it, can i disable it in windows 98 safe mode?

  woodchip 14:13 30 Oct 2004

No I think your CPU needs a better fan, Done it that many times I have got used to all the quirks

  woodchip 14:19 30 Oct 2004

Disable onboard network socket in the BIOS setup, when starting computer it will tell you on screen what to press as it's starting

  bearpot 14:21 30 Oct 2004

thanks woodchip, i'll try it

  SANTOS7 14:35 30 Oct 2004

Hey woodchip you up to speed with W98, me not, can learn a bit more along with bearpot, thanks..

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