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  Pamy 15:19 08 Nov 2007

Hello everyone, I could do with some advice with Skype phone calls. I have the latest version. When I make a phone call to another Skype user, Skype closes after a few seconds of us talking.
Any ideas as to what is wrong?

  Technotiger 15:42 08 Nov 2007

Hmm, sorry I don't know why Skype closes like that, but why make a phone call when you both have Skype?

  Stuartli 15:48 08 Nov 2007

>>but why make a phone call when you both have Skype?>>

Why not? It's free between Skype users and less inhibiting than using a headset...:-)

  Pamy 16:05 08 Nov 2007

When I say a phone call I mean that we talk to each other via a Skype usb phone (me) and a microphone and speakers (my friend)

  Technotiger 16:08 08 Nov 2007

Are you using Skype itself, as opposed to the Skype hand-held phones? If you are both using the Skype Phones I think the drop-out might be due to the fact that they use similar technology to mobiles (G3 I think), so they are possibly affected by poor signal problems just like mobiles.

I have never used the phone system to talk to another Skype user, to be honest never thought of doing that, when it works so well with mic & spkrs.

But even though phoning is free, (though isn't there a £10 a month charge?) not much good if you can only talk for a few seconds.

  Technotiger 16:08 08 Nov 2007

We were both typing at same time - I must learn to type faster!!

  Pamy 16:11 08 Nov 2007

We are both just using Skype, I just happen to have a usb phone plugged in and my friend uses a mike and speakers

  Pamy 16:14 08 Nov 2007

Skype is free computer to computer voice or mesaging and no payment is required to use it this way

  Technotiger 16:24 08 Nov 2007

Yes I know it is free computer to computer, but I thought there was a charge Phone to Phone. However, I have just had a look via Google - ya know what I am gonna get for me and my partner? You've guessed it, a couple of Skype phones :-)

Though I know that does not help with your drop-out problem. If I can find some more info on that I will get back to you - unless someone else can come up with the proper answer sooner.

  Technotiger 16:27 08 Nov 2007

Maybe the Skype forum could answer your query ...
click here

  Pamy 16:46 08 Nov 2007

Signed on , but just could not find out how to post.

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