Help on sky broadband router (sagem)

  vitinet 14:44 24 Jan 2010

I have recently got a sky broadband router for the internet and it works perfectly in one room but when other laptops want to connect to the internet from other locations the signal is too weak..:( Any ideas from anyone?

  howard64 14:53 24 Jan 2010

try moving the router to different locations - it will also probably be better if plugged into the master phone socket rather than extensions.

  User-312386 14:53 24 Jan 2010

I know your going to think i am nuts, but leave the router switched on and let it settle and you will find the router signal gets stronger. I have the same router (black in colour) and i always used to switch it off at night and when switched back on the signal was so so poor for my wireless PC, then i left it by mistake switched on for a few days and the signal now is brilliant - i know it sounds nuts, but it has worked for me!

  T0SH 14:54 24 Jan 2010

Try changing the wireless channel (setting range 1 to 13) in the router setup pages

I find channel 11 is best in my area but you may have to try others until you get a good one

Cheers HC

  User-312386 14:55 24 Jan 2010

What has being plugged into the master socket got to do with the wireless signal?

  vitinet 15:01 24 Jan 2010

Thank you all for the advice but iv tried moving it around to diff rooms the problem is when its in one room, the other rooms in the house cannot get internet. Is it possible for me to buy another router of the same brand or different and use it in the other rooms? Can i just use the username and password from this one?

  User-312386 15:44 24 Jan 2010

How about this, phone sky and say the router does not work very well wirelessly and do they have an alternative in these situations? Worth a try.

  howard64 18:47 24 Jan 2010

madboy33©® having a good connection to the broadband always improves the wireless range in my place. With the router next to my pc the wireless signal hardly goes across the room but when plugged in the master in my hallway the signal reaches all over the premises. This could well be down to the construction of the property but my broadband speed is also faster when in the master socket.

  Woolwell 18:57 24 Jan 2010

howard 64 - While I agree that the broadband speed may be quicker from the master socket I fail to see how this affects the wireless strength/range. It may be that it is a better location with fewer obstacles.

If changing channels hasn't worked and moving it around also hasn't worked it could be due to your house construction. You can get repeaters see for example click here

Is the router N standard? That may produce a better ranger

  User-312386 19:12 24 Jan 2010

If its the same sagem as me then no its not N standard!

howard64 - The broadband speed is faster from the master socket, i agree, however, this will not change the wireless range! If a wireless router can transmit say 100 metres, then plugging it into a different socket will not make it transmit any further!

  baldydave 20:25 24 Jan 2010

TOSH had the answer,I have the sagem and had to change the router from auto to channel 11 due to drop outs and poor range.

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