Help with setting up wireless network/printer

  User-C5E22D29-826F-4700-ADE91D0A11AC4F72 14:16 12 Jul 2010

We are a small company who is now struggling to set up 4 lap tops to wireless network + one wireless printer.

Internet is provided for whole building with dedicated internet line, we plug in wireless router to network and we get internet, problem is that we can’t set up password for wireless network for some reason + we can’t make printer to work on same one.

This may need reinstallation to printer software + configuration to wireless network etc, for 4 PC , which I just can’t do and as we need to do work I need to find someone who will be happy to come to our office in Lnd in sw11 for a day and sort this things, now we don’t have big budget so if anyone know someone who will be able to do this for us for reasonable price please come back to us.


  onthelimit 21:07 12 Jul 2010

Suggest you try for someone local!

yes, local but they charge £100 p/h crazy!

  onthelimit 11:41 13 Jul 2010

Must be someone cheaper than that, surely?

No there is no. they are all looking to make insane amount of money, so i need someone from forum who is keen to make reasonable extra PLEASE

  T0SH 22:18 18 Jul 2010

Most wireless printers come with a small connection utility program on the driver CD/DVD or have a button on the printer, using one or other should initiate a wireless connection attempt to your router and prompt you to enter an encryption key

cheers HC

Thx - i tried all of this, problem is router and private network we use for internet, we do need a pro person to fix this...

  TonyW2 16:31 20 Jul 2010

I may have misunderstood something here, but if there is only one incoming phone line
dedicated for internet provision, then the whole building can only support one router. Each office would have its own connection to that central router.
The wireless router would not be plugged into the network cable.
When you say that you get internet, could you explain further, please.Does that involve using the router, or plugging the PC into the "network cable, mentioned?
If you connect one PC by ethernet cable to the router and the router to the "network cable" mentioned, what is at the other end of that "network cable"?
If cost is a factor, suggest persisting to DIY.

  daureluc 18:04 20 Jul 2010

Hi, I could come and set this is up for you. You are located south London right?
Well just send me an email at [email protected], then we can get in contact by phone and I could make a quote for you.

Also our services are risk free : no fix/no fee

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