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Help with setting up a relatives PC

  john bunyan 14:56 25 Jul 2019

A relative has asked me to obtain and set up a laptop. I have bought one and switched on, to be confronted with MS / Cortana to set it up. I reluctantly gave my own MS e mail and account as I don't know her passwords. My intention was to set up via a local account then set her as administrator later. Cortana would not let me by pass this step.Anyway I am in and the long wide process of updating is running.

Suggestion needed on next, including unlinking One drive,. The option to do so in settings does not have the unlink option- in the meantime I could stop it in the start menu?

Lots to do such as installing MBAM etc. Will await her return before installing Office in her name.

  john bunyan 15:36 25 Jul 2019

Got as far as trying to update to v1903. My name is showing as sole administrator. Will now add her later and delete my own as I want her to show as the owner. Also trying to see how to inform HP of this. Will uninstall McAfee and install MBAM with Defender

  john bunyan 16:38 25 Jul 2019

1903 installed; about to add VLC player and I tunes but will await her return before logging in to that and putting her music on it. Suggestions welcome

  john bunyan 17:14 25 Jul 2019

Thanks for being so helpful. No , the issue is purely about not having my name on the laptop, and stopping one drive. I try to have different threads to avoid confusion. I thought this was meant to be a helpful forum but am sorry if you are annoyed by repetition

  x13 18:11 25 Jul 2019

Hello jb I know why you need to do this as it's a bit daft having your name as registered owner on a Laptop belonging to your relative though I haven't bothered to change mine as the machine stays home. I wouldn't bother with the registered organisation. I would do it using your g'daughters admin account though. You'll need to use the regedit. see here.

  john bunyan 18:31 25 Jul 2019


Many thanks as usual; I’ll do it on her return.


Will do thanks

  x13 18:36 25 Jul 2019

P.S. this is another tutorial, and looks easier to follow. click here.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:16 25 Jul 2019

I reluctantly gave my own MS e mail and account.......................... My intention was to set up via a local account

If you don't want to use a Microsoft account during Windows setup then simply don't connect the PC to the Internet. Setup will then offer you the option of a local account. When you boot into Windows you can then connect to Internet. Hopefully that tip will help in the future although sadly it appears to have a come far too late now.

  john bunyan 20:23 25 Jul 2019

Secret - Squirrel

Yes; too late; it “told” me to connect- I assumed for updates. When owner returns I’ll set up her admin account in her name and password then delete my account and try using x18 tip to regedit the owner and register it in her name with HP. Not connecting to the internet did not occur to me

  john bunyan 21:49 28 Jul 2019

Now updated and MBAM Premium etc installed. However I would be grateful for advice that this , Macrium etc wii run / open ok for the new account holder on return? Don’t want to start again!!

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