help with setting up h/n

  iqs 21:18 22 Jul 2006

Hello All,

I am interested in creating a wireless home network.Initially it would be used for my main PC,but when established I would like to add a laptop.
My internet provider is BT Yahoo B/B,3M,and WIN XP.
I only have a basic understanding of what equipment is required and how to configure.For example do I need to install by Bt software etc,do I still require my B/B modem.

Can any one assist with recommendations for a fast router and compatiable adaptors.If possible I would like to keep my curret download speed.Any advice is appreciated.Many thanks,Mike

  ade.h 23:20 22 Jul 2006

To answer your questions in no particular order:
For an ADSL service, you must lose the modem (and you would be wise to uninstall all trace of it, but that's another issue) and use an ADSL modem/router.
Such as a 3Com 3CRWDR100A or a Linksys WAG354G - it is wise to saty with established networking brands (3Com was founded in 1979, for example) that have a knowledgeable userbase.
You should not be worrying about (quote) "fast" routers unless you intend to perform cross-network high bit-rate media streams or transfer very large quanitities of files on a very frequent basis.
Adapters? Use Ethernet where practical. PCI wi-fi with an external aerial otherwise.
Routers do not use any form of software or drivers: they do not install or have any direct connection to their cleints - the LAN adapters act as intermediaries.

  ade.h 23:23 22 Jul 2006

One thing that I should add:
What is the construction of your house like? Concrete or thick solid walls? If so, consider a multiplexing MIMO system or a range extender; otherwise, stay with 802.11g standard equipment.

  irishrapter 02:31 23 Jul 2006

Just make sure that you get a router that has the latest encryption on it WPA or WPA2 (not WEP!)

Make sure that you use it and set it up correctly.

  ade.h 14:31 23 Jul 2006

I only choose routers that use WPA, but most do. The bigger issue is the relative lack of WPA support among the budget end of the PCI adapter market.

  iqs 12:47 01 Aug 2006

Hi and many thanks for your comments.I thought I knew thw basic's,but It seems I don't.Most of what you said confused me.Can anyone supply a web site which offers advice to absolute beginners like my self...Once agin thank you for your help.Cheers,Mike

  ade.h 14:37 01 Aug 2006

Apart from this one??

Have a read of this click here It's not quite finished yet, but it has the bits that you want. If you still find that too complex, though, there's not much else out there that I can think of.

  iqs 21:32 04 Aug 2006

Hi ade.h...The link was very helpfull.Many thanks,Mike

  ade.h 21:40 04 Aug 2006

Glad you like it and glad it was helpful!


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