Help - Setting up 5.1 speaker system to pc

  AroundAgain 19:04 31 Jan 2010

I have been given a Vidoelogic 5.1 speaker system which I am trying to set up to my PC.

I'm not confident which socket/s go into the PC and am wary of blowing they whole system or, worse still, the PC

Is anyone there who can guide me through this, please???

Be so grateful

  The Kestrel 20:01 31 Jan 2010

This might help....

click here

  AroundAgain 20:49 31 Jan 2010

Thanks Kestrel.

I have quick-scanned this article which is why I now don't know if the system will work on my PC.

It says
"Minimum System Requirements: Six-channel output - DVD Player with a built-in Dolby digital and/or DTS decoder; separate Dolby digital and/or DTS decoder; or 5.1-channel soundcard running 6-channel software DVD with inbuilt decoding. Stereo output - PC with sound card, or any audio source with line-level output"

I only have 3 jack sockets in the back of the PC - 1 x pale blue; 1 x green; 1 x orange.

There is another plate which says "Comp out" (3.5mm jack) and "Video Out" (din-type)

With the 5.1 system, I have the 5 speakers each with cable and 3.5mm jack, I main unit, and 3 cables, each with a 3. 5mm jack at one end and a double ended (male) socket typical of audio equipment.

So, I don't know what I plug into PC as it seems I have only in/out/line in options

I have checked in Control Panel, Sounds/Audio and have a option where I can select 5.1 system (sound card being NVDIDA(R) nForce (TM) Audio

am running Win XP SP2

Further help would be so much appreciated

  Woolwell 21:40 31 Jan 2010

This should help with the colours click here.

Still working out your speaker cables tho.

  AroundAgain 21:57 31 Jan 2010

Thanks Woolwell

I've just taken a look at your link. Like I said, I have only 3 sockets, pale blue x 1; green x 1; orange x 1.

Going by the picture as per your link, could I use a 'splitter cable' (ie one socket into PC socket but two for the two R & L speakers into the Green socket, and do the same for the centre speaker and subwoofer into the Orange socket on PC

Alternatively, looks like I might need a new sound card to take 5.1 system.

Thanks, Keep the suggestions coming ...
Very grateful to you all

  Woolwell 21:57 31 Jan 2010

Over to someone else - sorry.

  AroundAgain 21:59 31 Jan 2010

Thanks very much for your help, Woolwell. Hasn't gone unappreciated!

Maybe someone else out there has some suggestions?


  Woolwell 23:23 31 Jan 2010

Have a look at this especially pages 5 and 6 click here

  AroundAgain 23:37 31 Jan 2010

Hi Woolwell

Thanks very much for finding out this article. It's certainly very informative and I think I understand what I need to do now.

It's too late for me to start on it just now (11.35pm) so will have a go at it tomorrow evening, all being well.

Will post how I get on after having a go as per article. Watch this space,as they say ...

Thanks so much for your time etc


  AroundAgain 21:31 02 Feb 2010

Hi there
Had a go at setting it all up this evening but only one speaker socket was working. Each speaker worked but only if I plugged into the one particular socket on the back of the main part.

Maybe I had them plugged in the wrong way around, in spite of looking at the picture on the website you sent. However, I didn't have any coloured jack plugs, just labels on two of them.

Went to Control Panel and changed it to 5.1 system, and it then showed a picture of the 5 speakers so presumably the sound card/motherboard or whatever is geared up for it.

Do I need drivers, perhaps?

I shall have to think more about this one, eh!!!

Thanks for all your help. Any further help from anyone will be gratefully accepted, of course.

Cheers folks

  Technotiger 21:45 02 Feb 2010

Hi, it would appear to me that you only have on-board sound, i.e. built-in to the motherboard. You need a dedicated Soundcard to be able to make proper use of your speaker system. Detailed instructions normally accompany most Soundcards.

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