Help securing wireless network

  Ross Murray 22:32 18 Feb 2006

I am experiencing difficulty setting up WEP security on my router,although it offers the following authenticaton methods (I cant get either to work on my own) : Open , Shared, WPA, WPA PSK and the following encription methods : WEP 64, WEP 128.

I have tried the following configuration:

Shared, WEP 64

Then the following options I dont understand:

Active Key (1-5).

I cannot get this to work. When ever I hit "apply" the routers wireless lan LED goes out and it doesn't talk to the PC/ laptops or appear under the available wireless lans. Am I doing this wrong or is it a hardware fault?

My main reason for posting is because I would really appreciate some step by step help to configuring wireless security on my network, using suggested WEP Keys etc. I am struggling to get this to work.

I have included a screen shot of the security settings below: click here

Please can someone help, this is really annoying me!


  Ross Murray 22:35 18 Feb 2006

Screen shot link didn't work above, so here it is here.

click here

  ade.h 23:09 18 Feb 2006

I forgot to mention in reference to your first posting (in the other thread) that we will need to know your make and model of router.

  ade.h 23:11 18 Feb 2006

I can tell you at this point that you need WPA-PSK. It's easier to configure and more secure than WEP, provided you have reasonably modern hardware and operating systems. We could use that info, too.

  Ross Murray 23:15 18 Feb 2006

Product: Cable & Wireless ADSL 2 Wireless Modem Router

  ade.h 23:20 18 Feb 2006

In that case, I can't give you specifics, as I'm not at all familiar with that make and model.

Maybe someone else is, though.

Re: "...the routers wireless lan LED goes out and it doesn't talk to the PC/ laptops..."

I would strongly advise you to disconnect any wireless devices from the network while changing any settings that affect the wireless connection; work via a wired PC (doesn't matter what; it could be a laptop if necessary). Even if you don't normally have one PC wired to the router, grab a cable and connect one up for this purpose.

  Ross Murray 23:22 18 Feb 2006


Laptop 1: Acer Aspire 300O Series 3003WLMI
AMD Sempron 3000+, 512 MB RAM, Built in WIFI Adaptor.

Laptop 2: Acer Travelmate 2413LM, Intel Celeron 1.5ghz, 256mb RAM, Cable and Wireless Wifi Pc Card

PC: Advent 3115, 512 mb ram, AMD Athlon 2600 XP+, Cable and Wireless USB Wireless Adaptor.

All SP2 XP Home and firewalled.

  ade.h 23:58 18 Feb 2006

"Built in WIFI Adaptor"

Which model? We need to know if it supports WPA before you enable it and then find that your connection has gone pear-shaped.

Logging off now, but will be around tomorrow PM.

  Ross Murray 00:29 19 Feb 2006

Im not sure the details of the "built in wifi adaptor" on this laptop as no software came with it and I have been using Windows to configure. I done IP Config/all and the description for it is "Broadcom 802.11g Network Adaptor".. How can I find out more details about this?

  keewaa 10:40 19 Feb 2006

Update the firmware for all the devices, especially the router, as this can fix problem. Also manually do a custom windows update to check for hardware updates for your PCs laptops (START-PROGRAMS-WINDOWS UPDATES - custom)

  Ross Murray 12:12 19 Feb 2006


I dont know where to get any new Firmware for my devices, (I've checked on Cable And Wireless Website) but nothing. I may have to contact customer support and ask about this. I've also tried changed the security settings using wired laptop. When doing so, the wireless LAN LED still goes out, although this time I get the message "Access Error: 200 Wrong Encripytion Type!" This was using WPA PSK. I'll check for other hardware updates now with a fresh cup of coffee!



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