help with search in word please

  pooperscooper 13:00 17 Jun 2006

Hi, I know how to search for a document that I have in word, but I print out labels a lot and then save them when I have done a whole page of address labels. But I find that if I need to search for a name and address, one that I know that I have saved, windows just wont find it. I can find any other document just by putting in one word in the search box, but I have even put the whole address in the search facility and still cant find it....The reason I need to find theas labels sometimes is because they are dated and I want to know the date it was sent etc....Can anyone help me on this please, I am running XP home....

  ade.h 14:31 17 Jun 2006

A likely workaround would be to copy the address into the keywords entry in the file's properties palette.

  pooperscooper 16:46 17 Jun 2006

Errrr...How do I do that? and do you mean the address within the document, or the documents address? and thanks for answering..

  ade.h 17:46 17 Jun 2006

If the file is open in Word at the time:

File > Properties. The keywords field is there.

Or right-click the file without opening it.

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