help with a search engine on my site

  ©®@$? 14:45 04 Sep 2004

hi all, hope someone can help, i am using a template that i bought,and have customized it to suit, it has got a search box on it, which isn't setup. i would like to be able to use this, but i don't know how to set it up so it will search the site...can someone help

i think this is part of the search in the html of the template

td valign="top" background="images/search.jpg" height="142" width="357" class="s"> br> br> form>   span style="font: 10pt"> b>Search /b> /span> br>  Enter keywords br>  in the form below br> br>   input type="text" name="sr" size="12" maxlength="40">   input type="image" src="images/go.jpg" border="0" width="33" height="21" align="absmiddle"> br> br>   a style="text-decoration: none; color:#1A355F; font-size:8pt" href="">Advanced Search /a>
/td> /form>

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