HELP Seagate or Western Digital external drive ?

  rdh660 15:29 08 Nov 2008

I am just about to be treated to a new External desktop hard drive as a gift. I know there are cheaper drives but I have narrowed it down to the choice of a Seagate 640GB or 500GB Freeagent Xtreme or a Western Digital My Book Home Edition 500GB. I want the USB AND Esata interface. The Seagate is about £30 dearer than the Western Digital but has a 5 year warranty and Firewire as well as USB and esata. Western digital has 3 year warranty. Can anybody give me any information to help me make the decision and decide whether the £30 extra is worthwhile.
Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 15:33 08 Nov 2008

I have a Seagate OneTouch external hard drive (because I got the 400GB model at a very reasonable price at the time), but I've used Western Digital internal drives for many years.

Both are excellent products and have proved spot on reliability wise.

  rdh660 15:39 08 Nov 2008

Thanks for the fast reply Stuart. It is good to know that the two drives inside the enlosures are both usually reliable as it will make me feel more secure whichever I choose. The Seagate I think is a fairly new model and maybe that is why it appears to cost more for what appears to be a pretty similar product. It does however seem to have a few advantages over the Western Digital as I outlined but I am not sure whether they are worth paying £30 more for.
I hate these decisions.

  DippyGirl 15:42 08 Nov 2008

pc PRO-Issue 170 has a review of external HardDrives
Both these discs included - but different capacities
WD gets a recommedation
Mag maybe worth a browse

  rdh660 15:55 08 Nov 2008

Thanks Dippygirl (great name)

I will have a look at the issue you mention to give me a little more of a comparison to base my decision on.
regards Rob

  Batch 17:51 08 Nov 2008

The length of the warranties doesn't necessarily reflect the relative reliability of the drives - it might just be their respective marketing stances.

  SB23 18:02 08 Nov 2008

My vote and recomendation would have to be for the Seagate Freeagent 500gb.

I bought one from Ebuyer a few months ago, and what with the backup software that comes with it, I am really impressed, not to mention the price was the cheapest around.

All round, a good buy.


  Stuartli 21:27 08 Nov 2008

To be honest, if you stick to a top brand name, which ever one you choose should be more than good enough.

Probably best to weigh up lowest price price per gigabyte as I did when buying mine (a special Dabs offer) - backup software is no problem. See:

click here

for well respected freeware from Karen Kenworthy's website. It's one of her Power Tools offerings.

  bluto1 21:27 08 Nov 2008

At the end of the day your choice of present comes down to asking your benefactor to pay £20.00 for an additional 2 years insurance. However the Seagate has a larger capacity.
Now ask yourself the question.."what do I need the external HDD to do"?
They're great for storing loads of photographs, or personal emails which would leave your internal HDD free for games. Only suggestions but good luck with your new present.

  [email protected] 21:58 08 Nov 2008

With a seagate drive you can also d/load seagate disc wizard,a quality back up software app,its a trimmed down version of acronis true image (free
click here

  rdh660 09:10 09 Nov 2008

Thanks everybody
From all the help and links I have decided to go for the larger and more expensive Seagate (especially as I am not paying). As all the responses echo both drives should perform well but the Seagate has just a few extras along with the higher cost.
Thanks again all
regards Rob

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