help with Scanner please

  learning slowly 16:13 20 Oct 2004

I heve a pc with windows 98 and a primax colorado scanner installed.

The scanner power light went out yesterday so I followed the instructions on the screen, checked my cables and printer port and even took the scanner to bits to see if anything was wrong.

it appeared that the mains adapter had stopped working so I bought a new one and the light came back on.

When i try to scan all i get is a black screen.

The scanner light is working as I've looked at it but it doesn't pick up the picture on the scanner glass.

The taskbridge software seems to be working ok.

Any suggestions please.

  TTP 16:34 20 Oct 2004

Does the scanner actually work ? ie is there any noise , does the scan head move , do you mean the output to the scanner software is black ? Uninstall scanner (driver) and taskbridge software. Goto primax website. Download latest drivers & software for your model. Follow new setup instructions to install your scanner and software. Post back

  Dorsai 17:16 20 Oct 2004

Are you sure you put it back together properly..

One missed wire/loose electrical plug...

Try a scan with the lid open, does the head move and shine. If the head gives no light out, it will scan in the dark so to say..And a black image results.

  Never again 18:08 20 Oct 2004

I was with learning slowly earlier, and can probably answer some of your points as he has very limited time online and this is his first ever post.

We definately put it back ok as there was virtually nothing inside it and no obvious microswitch.

The unit scans and the scan head moves up and down and the scanner also emits light.

We initially noticed the problem when windows reported an error in the system tray and asked us to check the printer port was epp enabled, to check the power cord and something else that doesn't come to mind right now but was not the problem as at this time we had a dead scanner with no power light.

We now have a power light and working scanner but it doessn't pick up any images.

We have reinstalled the software but this does not seem to have helped.

The only thing that might have caused a problem is that when we were initially seeing if the power supply was the problem we plugged in a 15volt supply instead of a 12volt supply but we only did it to see if the power light came on.

Do you think that we could have damaged the scanner in any way. There is no fuse inside.

  learning slowly 16:09 25 Oct 2004

I have reinstalled the scanner and software but I still only get a black screen when I try to scan.

The scan lid is white instide and also I am scanning white paper - I am getting to the stage where I want to throw it out of the window.

Any suggestions would be welcome at this stage - and I don't mean suggestions like open the window first.

  SANTOS7 16:29 25 Oct 2004

Your scanner may seem to work but it may well be that the lightbar is u/s a normal scan, going back to when mine went, changed from a sort of red/purple to green what ever i tried i could not get it to work.........

  TTP 23:53 25 Oct 2004

I think it is f u b a r, but another scanner of the same if you can ie is it still in warranty ?Does a friend have one ? Most modern devices have voltage detection built in such as scanners (usb) because they have the ability to draw from the usb port themselves (albiet +5 volt) is this your scanner? Did it require an external supply in the first place? Did it work from new ?

  jack 08:23 26 Oct 2004

Never again said it.
and nver Again will do it Never Again.
The replacement power brick was set intiially to an incorrect voltage.

you've blown the firmware in the scanner!

Remedy - New Scanner.

  learning slowly 09:47 27 Oct 2004

Obviously, it seems as if I've blown it.

Never mind - Christmas is coming.

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