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  philwane 08:25 02 Jan 2004

I have a Umax Astraslim scanner connected by USB this scanner has worked faultlessly in Win ME but now I am using Win XP Home I have downloaded the latest drivers for Win XP from the Umax site but for the life of me I cannot get it to work when I try to scan in photoshop I get (settings error)and locks up photoshop so I go to device manager which says this device is working properly and click update driver I reinstall XP Driver go back to photoshop and ask for scan preview sometimes this will go OK when I have the preview of whatever I want to scan I ask it to scan and all I get is scanned data error Can anyone please help I am using Win XP Home Gigabyte GA7NNXP motherboard MSI Geforce FX5600 Graphics and 512mb ddr ram

  Djohn 08:30 02 Jan 2004

Dis you remember to disconnect the scanner from your PC before updating the driver? If not, then disconnect the USB lead from the scanner and remove scanner details and software from your PC.

Reboot and install the software first, then connect the scanner to your PC. This may be the problem and doing it in the above sequence might just fix it for you. j.

  philwane 08:43 02 Jan 2004

Yes I disconnected the scanner befor updating drivers I have just asked it to preview again and I get a loud clicking from the scanner as though it is trying to run backwards?

  Djohn 09:04 02 Jan 2004

I'm not sure on the mechanical workings of a scanner, but I don't think the clicking will be associated with a software driver. I'm thinking there may be a hardware problem with the scanner itself, but please wait for someone else to read this and see if they can offer advice. j.

  Sapins 09:07 02 Jan 2004

Could you have moved the locking switch underneath the scanner?

  philwane 12:25 02 Jan 2004

There is no locking switch on scanner

  golfpro 12:51 02 Jan 2004

I have never heard of a scanner without a transport lock switch, there must be one somewhere. But it does sound like a hard Ware problem.

  wee eddie 14:17 02 Jan 2004

a drive motor that is unable to engage.

Did you move it when you installed the new PC?

  philwane 14:52 02 Jan 2004

Just tried it in Win ME and it works OK still cant get it to work in XP

  wee eddie 15:23 02 Jan 2004

using XP's facilities to do it.

You may have to disable the Scanner Controls within XP.

  woodchip 15:32 02 Jan 2004

Have you tried the Win2000 drivers for the scanner

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