HELP: Samsung SSD to Samsung SSD Cloning Error

  rogerthat1945 23:27 16 Feb 2015

Hi, I have a Haswell i7 PC with windows 8.1 running great. It has a Samsung EVO 250Gb SSD (30% free space); and I bought a Samsung V-Nand 500Gb SSD to clone to (via way of a failed attempt to clone to a Crucial M550 500Gb [which ended up in my olde XP PC]).... The problem is NO MIGRATION or Clone software will allow a copy of the existing hard drive to the new hard-drives.

Every program that tests Windows & SSD`s says my SSD is in great condition; except Samsung Migration clone; which cuts out after 35% of the clone /Migration process...

I have tried disconnecting my other Drives in the PC. I have tried disabling RAPID Mode. I have tried disabling some Windows Hibernation features etc... But all to no avail. I have tried other companies CLONE software such as EaseUS & Macrium etc.. It FAILED FAILED FAILED.

What am I doing wrong; as I have a complex set of programs and links to my other drives; so a compete re-install of Windows 8/8.1 to the larger drive is not a practical option... SAMSUNG Migration software also prevents me Migrating the current 250Gb SSD to a standard hard-drive for a back-up copy.

ALSO; I bought a Clone-Drive-Box; and that FAILED FAILED FAILED to clone (even though I pre-formatted the 500Gb V-Nand SSD).

The Samsung V-Nand is working; as I put a fresh install of Windows 8.1 on it and it ran GREAT. So BOTH Drives run great; but I cannot clone from the smaller one.

Anything I missed?

How can I CLONE it?

  bumpkin 11:50 17 Feb 2015

I don't know if it will work, but might be worth a try click here

  Secret-Squirrel 12:41 17 Feb 2015

"Apparently its a VSS error."

In that case, don't try cloning the drive from within Windows but instead create and use a Macrium Reflect boot CD. Apparently it contains all the standard features (including clone).

Apologies if you've already tried this alternative method.

  rogerthat1945 00:18 02 Mar 2015

Fifty+ hours work re-installing everything with Windows and re-installing dozens of programs and hundreds of links and hundreds of links to all my other drives and programs and files/documents and software. Then a further few dozen hours re-doing all my downloads & links (many hours re-finding re-doing all my Bookmarks and passwords for all my accounts); and I may be getting towards the finish line...

Freaking Microdamnyou

Next time I use an axe.

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