Help on restoring windows mail

  Dansmith 18:51 01 Sep 2012

Windows mail help!

Hi guys I'm new here so please be gentle ;-)

Quick background, I had my virgin broadband upgraded from 10mb to 60 mb with the virgin super hub

To cut a long story short, it was even slower & when I rang virgin today to explain the situation they put me through an external overseas call centre who re booted my pc despite me telling them not to.

This damaged my pc which now keeps rebooting! The guy at the pc repair shop said they can save all my data, documents item on desktop and my windows mail and has done so on a USB stick.

My question is how do I restore my windows mail from the USB stick on my new computer or when my computer is fixed as apparently it's not the same as opening up a saved word doc.

Any tips or suggestions will really help as I'm bricking it, as I have important emails.

Thanks in advance and apologies on the dumb question ;-)

  Dansmith 09:06 03 Sep 2012

Thanks guys for the tips.

I was just reading this article:

Which states my windows mail is backed up so if I bought a new computer or used my brothers who didn't have windows mail I could download mail & access my inbox, folders from there as long as I key in my email add & password, is this correct??

If so, I don't need to stress like I am now?


  rdave13 09:55 03 Sep 2012

Just to be clear, that article shows how to access your emails that are stored on a server (web mail), what you want is to access your saved emails on your PC. If your web based emails haven't been deleted on the server then you can access them from any PC. As I've said, if your PC's hard drive has been changed and cloned then you will have nothing to do. If they put in a new hard drive and reinstall Vista then you only need to import your folders from the USB drive. If you get a Windows 7 PC then again, just import your folders, click here. You have nothing to worry about if the backup is OK.

  rdave13 10:05 03 Sep 2012

If you have access to your brother's PC and he has Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, then open the program and top right where you see the image icon, click on the dropdown arrow and select 'sign in with a different Windows ID'. Alternatively use your Microsoft Account sign in (email and password) here, click">">click here for your web based emails.

  rdave13 10:06 03 Sep 2012

That last link doesn't work so I'll try again,

  rdave13 10:08 03 Sep 2012

This one then, . That's to sign in for your web based emails etc.

  Dansmith 10:09 03 Sep 2012

Thanks Dave. Is it ok to have a chat? Are you based in the UK?

  rdave13 10:10 03 Sep 2012

There's no facility to PM here unfortunately.

  Dansmith 10:12 03 Sep 2012

Oh right can you email me your number if that's ok?

If not then no worried :-)

  rdave13 10:16 03 Sep 2012

Ask the FE to remove your email from your post as you might get a lot of spam.

  Dansmith 10:21 03 Sep 2012

Hi Dave, I'm using my iPhone I can't see who to contact??

Is there a link?

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