Help on restoring windows mail

  Dansmith 18:51 01 Sep 2012

Windows mail help!

Hi guys I'm new here so please be gentle ;-)

Quick background, I had my virgin broadband upgraded from 10mb to 60 mb with the virgin super hub

To cut a long story short, it was even slower & when I rang virgin today to explain the situation they put me through an external overseas call centre who re booted my pc despite me telling them not to.

This damaged my pc which now keeps rebooting! The guy at the pc repair shop said they can save all my data, documents item on desktop and my windows mail and has done so on a USB stick.

My question is how do I restore my windows mail from the USB stick on my new computer or when my computer is fixed as apparently it's not the same as opening up a saved word doc.

Any tips or suggestions will really help as I'm bricking it, as I have important emails.

Thanks in advance and apologies on the dumb question ;-)

  rdave13 15:34 02 Sep 2012

If PC is repaired then you won't need to import unless hard drive is formatted. If you go for a new PC with Windows 7 then download Windows Live Mail and import, click here, so you're covered whatever happens so long as the folders on the usb drive are OK.

  lotvic 15:37 02 Sep 2012

If you buy a new pc and have W7 you will find there is no email client and you download Windows Live Mail (if that is what you want to use)

Then you

Hope that is what you meant :)

  lotvic 15:40 02 Sep 2012

rdave13, snap :) you're too quick for me

I'm off in the garden now, sun's shining ;)

  john bunyan 16:35 02 Sep 2012

If your new PC has Windows 7, then the situation is a bit different, as it does not have an inbuilt E Mail system.Do post back if that occurs.

  Dansmith 16:42 02 Sep 2012

Thanks guys:-)

The repair man said he will try and fix the computer, but if it needs a new hard drive he will take a copy image of the computer and put a new hard drive in, then copy eveything back.

When he says he will take an image of the computer & copy it back what does he mean?

  john bunyan 17:31 02 Sep 2012

It means he will use a programme like Acronis True image to make a copy (including the Operating system and installed programmes) and then put it on to the new drive. Normal copying does not work with programme files, special software has to be used. Most people (and I suggest you also should do this) make images on a separate drive on a regular basis as to start from scratch in the event of a failure is laborious.

  lotvic 17:32 02 Sep 2012

If he does an image: An exact replica of how it was before. (except you shouldn't have the rebooting problem as he will have repaired that before he takes the image - in which case the hard drive does not need replacing).

If he can image the hard drive, there can't be much if anything physically wrong with it or contents.

If your hard drive needs replacing then it is a physical fault and will not have had anything to do with Virgin support rebooting it, unless it is a coincidence and the hard drive has a fault...... I hope the repair shop you took it to is not replacing parts that do not need it.

  Dansmith 17:56 02 Sep 2012

Wow thanks John & lotvic, great replies, you guys Defo know your stuff, I'm very grateful for you both taking time to answer.

Because all the content and data is on my pc but the computer just keeps rebooting, is this repairable without a new hard drive, or will i need a new hard drive?

If it can be fixed without, does this mean I can acess windows mail etc as normal?

  lotvic 18:08 02 Sep 2012

Should be, but as we don't know why it is rebooting (could be one of many things) and we have no chance of seeing any error messages...... I cannot give you a yes or no on that.

Your last question depends on what the repairman does to it... If he reinstalls or restores back to factory settings you will have to put all your personal data and files, emails etc back on from the copy on the usb stick. Or the repairman might do that from his copy.... Only thing I can say is that if it is Vista then yes Windows Mail email client will be there (either with or without your emails)

  john bunyan 18:14 02 Sep 2012

Whatever the outcome, I would strongly suggest you get a USB Hard drive and keep up to date copies of your self generated files using a freebie such as Freefilesynch or Synch Toy.Read here for review.


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