Help required on shortcuts/ autorun commands

  tweacle 15:22 15 Oct 2018


I have a folder with a subfolder in it of which contains an .EXE file for a application that I have to use.

I can create create a shortcut to the .exe file in the folder.

This works fine when on the PC but when I burn to DVD and try to click on the shortcut it tells me the shortcut is not valid.

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 15 Oct 2018

Been awhile sincw I've done this myself but:-

I assume you are writing the link and assigning a drive letter

e.g. c:\folder a \folder b\ xxx.exe

try doing it with out the drive letter

e.g. \folder a \folder b\ xxx.exe

it should then link from the drive yiur using to folders ad files on the same drive regardless of what drive letter windows has applied.

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