Help required setting up wireless network.

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 11:44 27 Nov 2003

I am about to purchase a 2nd PC and want to be able to link it, the existing PC, and any future PC's together and to my broadband connection.

I currently have a BT frog plugged into one of my USB ports. Everything needs to be wireless.

From what I can make out I need a router, which the frog will plug into, and then have a USB adapter plugged into each PC. I need to have it so that any PC can access the internet even if the others are switched off. I would also like it so that each PC can access the files or printers / scanners on the other systems.

Each PC will be in a different part of the house, with 2 or more walls in between, so range is quite important.

All the systems will be running XP Home.

Thanks in advance.

Somebody at work recommended using a Linksys WRT54G, but I see that this needs an Ethernet cable in between it and the modem. As I said my modem uses a USB connector. Is it just simply a case of changing the cable?

If the USB modem won't plug into a router, then what about if I leave it plugged into my existing system and then plug something like a Linksys WUSB11 into each system (including the one with the modem)? This would mean having to leave the main system connected at all time, but I can cope with that.

Would I be better off just scrapping the BT frog, and buying a combined router / modem? Would this be acceptible to BT? I am using their BTOpenWorld Home 500 service.

Sorry for so many questions but I find networking confusing, to say the least.

  AndySD 12:15 27 Nov 2003

Both these companys haave wizards to help you click here click here but it is dependant on if your modem connects to the pc via USB or Ethernet.

  grahams49 12:22 27 Nov 2003

Hi Golden Eagle,

I want to use a Linksys router for pretty much the same thing.

I have been trying to get an answer to the 'how to connect the modem' question as well with zero luck. There are several people asking hte same question though. Look at click here and newsgroup comp.networks

As far as I can tell (by a process of elimination) you need to get a new ethernet connecting modem.

BT have not replied to queries as to whether they can supply an e-net modem and posts on several boards have not got much response which suggests either I'm asking a stupid question or no-one knows.

All the stuff I can find just says connect the line from the modem into the router - but as you quite rightly point out - this is mostly USB and pretty much any router you would want to use needs E-net.

Someone suggested a USB - e-net converter but it worked the wrong way round.

Sorry if this is not much help but if I can find an answer I'll post it here.


I've just sent an email to Belkin. AndySD's link above seems to imply that they do an Access Point which connects to a USB modem.

I thought that networking PC's together would be easy when I got ADSL. I can't believe how wrong I was.

  AndySD 13:27 27 Nov 2003

BT do have a wireless network click here but you should be able to use another make of modem/router.

As you are willing to leave the main pc on you should just be able to add a wireless connection to each ps to set the network up. click here linksys. Netgear also have these click here

I guess I dont really have a problem with leaving my main PC on and using it as a host.

If I go down this route, what Linksys gear would I need to link the 3 PC's together? Just 3 x WUSB11's or would I need an Access Point WAP11 too?

Found the answer here click here

Looks like I just need to buy a WUSB11-BT for each system and that is it

Anybody know the difference between a standard WUSB11 and a WUSB11-BT? Is there one?

  AndySD 17:42 27 Nov 2003

Apart from the price (Dabs have the WUSB11 at £41.12 inc VAT) I cant see there will be any difference.

My preference would still be aa intigrated modem/router but maybe thats for a later date.

  sneakerman 18:01 27 Nov 2003

I need to start this by saying only read this if you are interested in wireles networks, I would like anybody to have to waste their time reading something that wasn't relevant

I was in the same position just over a year ago and I bought a pair of Actiontec USB 802.11 adaptors from Jungle. My knowledge (as you can see from my previous posts is limited) and they did work. I have moved on now (Dlink 300+ modem and 624 wireless router but essentially the same) and it has only been through trial and error (and posting questions) that I have managed a stable network now, still not secure but thats not a problem.
I saw the Actiontecs recently for £75 for the pair, can't remember where but. My only complaint is the USB plug sticks out from my laptop and I am worried that it might snap as some point. I tried to find a right angle USB lead but can't.


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