help required re new cpu

  blueboy2uk 14:58 30 Apr 2005

hi there last week i asked for some help in upgrading my bios, my mother board is a asrock m266a 3.0x i was running a celeron 2.8 cpu and iu want to upgrade to a P4 2.8a ghz 533 mhz system bus, 1mb L2 advbanced transfer cache,well the upgrade went ok my system was still running on the old cpu, when i put in the new cpu the computer was switched on the cpu led lit up ok stayed on for about 20 seconds then went out i then checked that the cpu was seated ok the same thing happened again i then put the old one and every thing was back to normal again can some one please check the asrock site and try to see if i have down loaded the wrong bios the version i installed was V2.4 i cannot see a prescott sticker on the motherboard but as far as i can see this cpu should be ok in this board , and as far as i can see i dont think i really needed to upgrade the bioc anyway how can i tell if this cpu is a prescott or a northwood i does not say on the packaging on the sticker it says pentium 4 processor 2.8a GHz, 1.4v max, system bus 533 mhz 1mb L2-casche. pgr-478 pkg.
product code bx80546pf2800sl7d8, any help would be most welcom, but somehow i think i am confusing what version of bios i needed , and if i have the right one installed do i have to go into the bios and change things to enable this cpu to run.

  dan11 15:12 30 Apr 2005

Cpu support for the 266a rev 3.0 click here

bios upgrades click here

List of upgrades on bios. click here

It does state the you must put a northwood in first before a prescott?????????? How strange.

  dan11 15:38 30 Apr 2005

Yours is a 2.8 prescott.

BX80546PE2800E is a 2.8 prescott ( sl7d8 )
click here

  dan11 16:19 30 Apr 2005

Can you post a link to the thread from last week.

  blueboy2uk 16:28 30 Apr 2005

click here

thread from last week

  blueboy2uk 16:30 30 Apr 2005

but i havent got a northwood one have i got the right bios upgrade

  Rayuk 17:19 30 Apr 2005

Have you checked in the bios that cpu host is set to Auto?

  dan11 18:01 30 Apr 2005

The statement of " you must put a northwood in first before a prescott " is something I don't understand.

Try Rayuk's suggestion, if no go, you could try shorting the cmos, see if that lets you boot with the new cpu.

  gudgulf 18:35 30 Apr 2005

I don't know if this will apply,but a P4 processor needs an extra 12v power supply...there is a white 4pin socket next to the cpu mount and there should be a connector for it on the power supply wiring.If this is not connected then the P4 does not have enough power supplied and the systen wont boot.The bit I'm unsure of is if your old Celeron needed the extra supply connected.Check if that socket is connected or not.

  Rayuk 20:03 30 Apr 2005

Did you notice the part re Bios Setting

Advanced Menu/
Chipset Configuration/
Enable HDS Delay

for Prescott chips

  blueboy2uk 21:33 30 Apr 2005

i will check the latest suggestions first, if no joy i will repost and say what i have tried.

thanks peeps

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