Help required installing an internal ZIP

  BackSlash 18:48 15 Nov 2003

Just got a new computer with a DVD writer and DVD-Rom installed, and was puzzled when attempting to install the ZIP drive from my old system in the free drive bay under the afore-mentioned drives. My problem is, what goes where? It was simple with my old PC, as there was only the one CD-Rw/DVD-Rom combo drive, so the wires all went somewhere. Now I don't know what to connect where? Any help would be appreciated.

  LastChip 19:15 15 Nov 2003

It depends on what you have available.

Is there a spare IDE slot on the motherboard for starters?

If so, you need to connect the data cable from your ZIP drive to the IDE slot, and plug in a power connector. You may also need to configure the device as "Master" if it's the only device on that channel.

Your operating system should then pick up "New Hardware" and configure the system appropriately.

  BackSlash 22:25 15 Nov 2003

Oh yeah, sorry LastChip, I forgot to mention that. No, there is not a spare slot (that I could see), this is why I was confused. There is an IDE cable that came with it, that seems to link 2 devices up to the same slot, but I have no idea how I would link them up. Are there any good sites with diagrams etc.?

You should be able to connect it as a slave device to the HD cable. There should be a spare connector on that.

  LastChip 22:57 15 Nov 2003

As @[email protected] says, if you have your hard drive on IDE1 and your CD/DVD on IDE2, you should be able to slave your ZIP drive to your hard drive.

If there is only one connector on the Hard drive cable, simply fit a two connector cable and link in your ZIP drive.

Modern cables are normally keyed, which makes fitting easy, but if not, remember the red stripe goes to pin 1 on both the motherboard connector and the drives.

Although it shouldn't make a difference, convention says you fit the slave device (ZIP) to the middle connector. The end with the connectors closest together, fit to the drives.

If you don't have a spare power connector, any computer shop can sell you a splitter, which will split one power connector into two.

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