Help required converting MP3 files

  MuddyPaws77 10:56 22 Sep 2004

Just started downloading music for the first time, & have a number of MP3 files I'd like to burn to CD. I have downloaded a freeware program to convert them to WAV files, but they have quadrupled in size & are now between 15 & 20MB each! Obviously this is no use, as I'll only fit 4 or 5 tracks on a CDR. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

  eddie937 10:59 22 Sep 2004

why do you want them converting(nero can put them on to cd anyway)

  MuddyPaws77 11:01 22 Sep 2004

I want to play them on a normal CD player (don't have an MP3 player) I was under the impression I had to convert them to WAV in order to do this?

  pj123 11:11 22 Sep 2004

Just use Nero and make an Audio CD. Nero will convert them to .cda files. You should be able to get somewhere between 12 and 20 tracks on one CD depending on the play time. Alternatively, you could burn them to a CD as Data, which will keep them as MP3s and if you have a DVD player it will play them.

  TBH1 11:39 22 Sep 2004

your gonna fit a few more than 4 or 5 if they are 20mb each - - cd's now take >700mb - - do the maths. Also, when converting from mp3, they probably increase ten-fold, though as pj123 has stated, you don't need to do that - -when creating music files from mp3 ones, the software will do it all for you.

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