Help require with monitor no longer recognizing PC

  tsackree 03:17 06 Oct 2018

Hello, I was doing my regular 6 monthly clean of my computer tower, mostly using compressed air and non-static clothes to remove any of the built up dust inside. I took out my graphics card and a few of the fans as I usually do and cleaned them, putting everything back where it goes.

The issue now is that when I plugged everything in, the monitor no longer responds to the PC. I have tried unplugging and re-plugging in the graphics card a few times in case there was a loose connection and using both of the DVI-D inputs but the result is the same. The monitor goes into power saving mode after a minute or so (light goes orange) and it does not respond to the keyboard or mouse being touched. I can see that the graphics card on the inside is receiving power as usual, it is lit up with both its fans spinning.

When nothing is plugged into the monitor it does not go into power saving mode, it just flashes the message that there is no DVI-D input detected.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or had any success fixing it?

Thank you and kind regards.

  wiganken2 08:41 06 Oct 2018

You may have used non-static cloths but did you earth yourself before touching components? Maybe you zapped the graphics card when you removed it or put it back. Also, unless you are in a dusty environment, there is no need to do a 'regular 6 monthly clean'. After 6 months there shouldn't be enough dust to be concerned about. I reckon every 18 months/2 years is enough and even then only use the air duster without touching the components. The more often components are disturbed the more chance of damage. Might need a new graphics card.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:40 06 Oct 2018

Do you have onboard graphics? can you connect to that and have a look at the graphic settings in BIOS and in devicemanager.

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