Help requested to set up a home network

  john bunyan 12:00 14 Apr 2013

I have a Desktop (W7 Ult), a laptop (W7 Home Premium), an iPad 4, a Belkin 300N router, a Canon MP540 scanner / printer. At the moment my router is connected by Ethernet cable to the desktop; I use Wi Fi for the laptop and iPad. The printer is connected to the desktop by a USB interface so I print only from the desktop.. I would like to create a network such that I can transfer files between the computers, and to print from all 3 devices. I could, perhaps, connect the MP640 to the router by Ethernet cable, or use its WiFi, or leave it, but would prefer to be able to use it with the desktop off, so maybe the Ethernet cable is best. I could flog through instructions from the suppliers, but often find that someone here could offer a best solution, so I would be glad to receive suggestions. All my driver software is up to date.

  difarn 15:16 14 Apr 2013

The best thing to do is to set up a homegroup and you will be able to share files, printers, etc. This article goes through it plainly step-by-step.

You say that you would prefer to use the printer without turning on the desktop. To do this you could either see if it is possible to connect your priner to your router by ethernet or usb - not all routers have this facility. Alternatively, as you say, you could set it up wirelessly, assuming it has a wireless function - it will then be available to all pc's on your homegroup - this article will take you through the set up.

  john bunyan 15:34 14 Apr 2013


Thanks for the steer. Will study the article.

  Ventad 16:06 14 Apr 2013

And once you have set the home group up with all the share items on pc's down load the App File Browser on the IPAD4 (was £1.99 when I purchaed it) and then you can also use your ipad to go into pictures, documents and any other shared items in the PC's on Home Group.

  Ventad 16:10 14 Apr 2013

Meant to say also into the router USB and also any NAS

  john bunyan 18:40 14 Apr 2013

Thanks. Will follow up suggestions

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