Help replacing current Router/Modem

  KillerNads 12:35 25 Sep 2014

Hi Guys,

Really need some help.

There is going to be two parts to my problem:

1. For last few years i had bought and used this router: Netgear dgnd3700, it is a 802.11n router.

I then upgraded to BT Fibre Optic here in UK. They installed a second rather ugly white Modem which sits between the line and the Router.

I live in a 3 floor house with literally around 10-15 devices constantly connected to my router wirelessly. I then also have 5 ethernet cables attached to the router that goes all round the house to other devices such as a HUB Switch that connects cat6 cables to 5 other devices including games consoles and my huge NAS server.

This router had worked wonderfully for last few years, providing nice wireless speeds all round my house including in the attic (3rd floor rooms). I have the router sitting on ground floor passage near the stairs so i guess the location was ideal for the whole house.

I have one 2.4ghz and one 5ghz network setup. Guest network is also enabled (which i think is another 2.4Ghz).

However, in the last few weeks all this has changed and wireless speeds have come to a stall!! I get sluggish speeds no matter where i am in the house, sometimes the 2.4Ghz network name doesn't even appear on my network lists for example on my iPhone 5s.

My ethernet speeds still seem good enough though, it only seems like the wireless speeds are affected! I was thinking of a factory reset but not sure if that will help plus i will loose all my manual settings I've changed on the router?

What could be wrong? Has the router had the best of its time and is dieting now? Time for a change? Something effecting my wireless signals but what could it be?! Almost impossible to track down in a big household. This leads on to my 2nd question.


If I'm looking for a replacement, i ideally want a router that can take the white BT Fibre Optic Modem out of my network. So does my router need to be a Cable router this time instead of an ADSL+ router? (which is what i think my current one is). Will i then be able to take the BT modem away? or does this always need to be setup for fibre optic?

I have been looking at a few replacement routers particularly these ones, any recommendations? In particular i thought it would be good to go for a 802.11ac router:

Netgear R6300-100UKS AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Cable Router

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router Netgear R7500 Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

Then there are also a few recommendations here but the article is a little out of date, so maybe there are newer better ones to choose from here in UK?

click here guys for any help you can provide me with. Any questions feel free to ask!

Regards, Nads


  KillerNads 12:37 25 Sep 2014

Here is the link that shows the best routers, however maybe out of date by a few months now.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 25 Sep 2014

First thing I would do is to try changing wireless channel. Perhaps someone close to you is using the same channel and causing the slow down.

Swap channels until you get a better result if no good on any channel then think about a new router.

  alanrwood 13:18 25 Sep 2014

The white BT Fibre modem is quite adequate so no need to replace it with something which will cost more money and no performance increase. Fibre works at around 80Mb/s max and any old router switch should handle that. Is the BT Modem connected to your old router using the Router WAN port (if it has one). I am surprised that BT did not supply you with one of their super-duper Fibre Routers.

Maybe the modem is faulty itself and is dragging the speeds down on the network, Disconnect the Modem and see if the non internet speeds are back to normal by trying a file transfer. If it improves then the modem is possibly faulty however I doubt this is the case. I would suspect that sometime during the installation one of your other connected devices has partially failed. You do seem to haver a lot connected so try disconnecting them all and see what happens. If it improves, reconnect one at a time to see which has caused the problem.

  Jollyjohn 13:45 25 Sep 2014

My Netgear router has a "Backup settings" option under maintenance and the option to restore settings from a back up.

Check your DHCP settings - Under LAN IP settings - are there enough addresses available for all the devices?

Ask BT for a router - if they decline the threat of moving ISP may change their mind.

  KillerNads 15:16 25 Sep 2014

@All, sorry guys i should have said that i am on TALKTALK fibre optic. But it was installed by BT engineer and he gave me bt modem and another small crappy router, which is why its still in the box and i never used it. Theres no way that thing could provide enough signal to all around the house plus it was also missing some advanced features that i needed for port forward etc for my NAS.

@Fruit Bat /\0/\, I have already tried changing the channel. I changed to channel 6 from 11 that i was on earlier. I read somewhere a while ago that i should only really try the channels 1, 6, 11? is that correct?

It didn't really make any difference, although i can see a slight improvement during the day but not sure how accurate that observation is.

Weird thing is wifi comes to a crawl in nighttime but works decent in daytime sometimes (before used to work super fast both in day and night).

@alanrwood, I'm sure the white BT modem is fine. What i meant by getting rid of it was so that i could free up an electrical socket, and also free up space on the shelf! Thats why i thought that a new router could replace the both the modem and router (2 in one solution). But if its a very special router that is required for that then ill leave it as it is.

Also i doubt its the modem or the internet, the internet speed test that i carry out is showing normal speeds of above 65mb, so all is fine on the net front. Im sure i already tried to remove all connected devices to router and check again but it was same. However i may try this again, although as i already said the LAN speed seems ok its just the wifi speeds.

@Jollyjohn, yep i saw the backup function on mine also. It may be worth trying that? I already checked the DHCP and it has enough room for many more devices still. As i am not with BT i can't ask for the BT Infiinity router and Talk Talks is rubbish. Although even BT infinity one probably wouldn't match up to my Netgear one :D

Thanks guys really appreciate all your help in helping me find the solution to this problem.

One other thing i should add, i just a few days ago setup a repeater router (another net gear similar to my main router but smaller and older model) upstairs in my bedroom. The wifi signal I'm getting from that is much more and stronger and goes up from all 2nd floor and to 3rd floor also. Doesn't work that well from floor 1.

The problem is because i have set it up as a repeater router, it can't use any security feature. Making the signal totally open with no password protection! Very risky. In the meantime I've had to hide the SSID and also restrict it to manually inserted MAC addresses, very painful! Any way to add a password to the wifi?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 25 Sep 2014

i should only really try the channels 1, 6, 11?

No whay would be the point in having the other channels?

if evevryone else is using same channels then the others will be frre from interference.

  spuds 16:22 25 Sep 2014

Have you contacted TalkTalk support for advice, because I have found that if you get 'the right person', they will talk you through a number of procedures in trying to locate any problems.Use Support not Customer Services, otherwise you will find yourself going in circles.

I find Kitz a very good informative website, but it can be very extensive in content to find the right answer. click here

  KillerNads 21:16 25 Sep 2014

@Beta, Great pick. Thanks for the link to the ASUS DSL-AC68U. They are costly and very rare to find in UK. Ive always gone with Netgear in the past and prefer them but maybe its time for a change?

However, i managed to come across one in PCWorld for £180 which i reserved for pick up tomorrow. Its not a final order yet just a reservation so i can still cancel. However, I'm on two minds about it. It definitely looks like a super fast router and very future proof. But does it justify the price? Will it make a big difference?

My most important question is as i said earlier i have currently setup a secondary net gear router upstairs to play out as a repeater. When i get the ASUS can i still use the netgear as a repeater? or will it not work anymore because they have to be same brand?


  Jollyjohn 12:29 26 Sep 2014

You will still be able to use a repeat router. You should be able to set a ssid name and password on the repeat router. The ssid cannot be the same as the main router but this is not a problem as devices will connect to the strongest signal. Turn DHCP off on the repeat router, this allows the main router to hand out addressess.

  KillerNads 15:59 26 Sep 2014


What i meant my still be able to use the repeat router is that if the repeat router is net gear and i buy the new ASUS router, will the net gear repeater still be compatible with the ASUS? or do they have to be the same brand?

ON the repeater net gear router i have set a different SSID however it doesn't allow for any password or security to be added, an error message appears saying that I'm using it as a repeater so no security is allowed. DHCP is off on the repeater router, and on the main router i have allowed ip addresses from 2-100.

Also what do you feel? Is it worth me buying the ASUS router for the 802.11ac wifi, the extra signal strengths and speeds? and also of course being able to get rid of the BT white modem (which is really only a small nuisance)!

Another important question is if i get the ASUS router, how do i get the login details for the fibre optic from the BT white modem? Will i have to phone Talk Talk Support? will they give it to me? Currently i checked on my net gear router and it says 'No login is required' so no bt details are inserted.

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