Help - replacing a 2nd hard disk, but will it work

  JAM3S 11:44 06 Mar 2006

Hi Guys
My old pc knackered so I shelled out on a nice new one which has 2 hard disks (not raid though). I was wondering if I could take out this extra drive temporary and put in the hard disk from the older computer, would my new pc simply see this as a spare drive letting me copy all my old important data onto 'C' before getting rid of the old hard disk and replacing it with the 2nd harddisk that originally came with the pc.

The old hard disk has Windows XPhome on it, my new computer won't get confused when it sees 2 hard disks with XP on it will it?

Thanks for your time


  Smiler 11:52 06 Mar 2006

Check to see if you have any spare ide connections then put the old drive on there making sure you change the jumper to either CS or slave.
I don't think the fact that there is an operating system on there will affect the start up.

  JAM3S 15:32 06 Mar 2006

Thanks Smiler. Will try that. Was just a bit worried about both drives having XP on. Can't wait to get all my data back! :)

  Zeppelyn 17:21 06 Mar 2006

You could even keep the old XP and use it as 2nd Windows install or back up by dual booting if you wish. Let us know and will provide instructions how to boot it once drive is installed.

  JAM3S 16:12 07 Mar 2006

thanks Zeppelyn, will post again if I encounter problems :)

  Diemmess 16:28 07 Mar 2006

With the old HD in the secondary drive there may be a moment when confusion occurs, but once the original is up and running, you only need to delete the old C:\WINNT folder (or equivalent in XP).

I would do this rather than pin your hopes on having a second HD also with XP installed. The 'foreign' version will probably not run in its new environment (different mobo drivers etc).

  JAM3S 16:43 07 Mar 2006

Hi Diemmess

I only want to get some stuff off that old 80gb HD, once I've done that I'll ditch it and put the new 2nd HD back in.


  Maturin 17:02 07 Mar 2006

I agree with above advice. But you may want take the opportunity to purchase an external disk drive caddy (approx £25 for a USB version) into which you can place your old drive for data recovery, then continue to use this old drive as a backup solution for critical data. When the space runs out, just purchase a new IDE HDD of appropriate size and use that (after formatting/partitioning). There is no need to open up your smart new PC at all :-)

  Smiler 17:02 07 Mar 2006

Ditch it!! why not keep it for backups or file saving

  JAM3S 16:34 08 Mar 2006

Hi guys :)
I love the idea of this External USB Disk Caddy Maturin and will be looking into it. Not too keen on opening my new pc up anyway (I doubt there's much room to move in there thanks to a Ati 1900xl card that will be hogging all the space :). Are these caddys easy to set up & use and could you recommend a vendor?


  JAM3S 16:44 08 Mar 2006

erm, this old 80gb maxtor HD that I'd like a caddy for, it is a 3.5 drive isn't it? :)


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